Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage – Coon Rapids Apartment

Mold damage occurred at this Coon Rapids apartment when the water supply hose to the washing machine sprung a huge leak. The resulting water damage affected sev... READ MORE

Andover Water Damaged Ceiling

The water line in the attic crawl leaked and damaged the ceiling and part of the tray ceiling. The homeowner wanted to replace the water damaged area wishing a ... READ MORE

Andover Hotel False Alarm

The smoke detectors were activated when a waste basket in a guest's room ignited from the ashes of a cigarette. The fire suppressant system in this Andover Hote... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids Home

Storm damage at this Coon Rapids home produced flooding throughout the home. There was standing water everywhere. The wood flooring in the pictured room was sev... READ MORE

Coon Rapids Mold Infestation

This mold infestation showed itself after a leak in the roof wetted the attic area insulation and drywall material with sufficient moisture to set the dormant m... READ MORE

Sudden Water Damage from a Storm in Ham Lake

This Ham Lake Water Damage was the result of a sudden and violent rainstorm that poured water through the open bay windows. We arrived soon after the event to b... READ MORE

Water Damage to a Meeting Room in Coon Rapids

The standing water on the carpeting of this conference room in a local hotel was caused by a broken water line. There was a problem already in the laundry room,... READ MORE

Coon Rapids Storm Destroys Kitchen

The storm from the broken kitchen window dumped a considerable amount of rainwater into the kitchen and pantry of this house in Coon Rapids. The residents were ... READ MORE

Anoka Water Leak Leads to a Mold Infestation

The water leak behind the washing machine in this Anoka house supplied the moisture needed for the dormant mold spores to begin to grow and spread along the bas... READ MORE

Water Floods a Home in Minneapolis

The severe storm unleashed a large volume of rain that resulted in groundwater entering this house still under construction and creating lots of water damage. T... READ MORE