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Four Key Factors That Affect Air Moisture Content In Andover

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Four Key Factors That Affect Air Moisture Content In Andover Restoring your home after suffering water damage is not a quick or simple process.

What Methods SERVPRO Uses To Return Your Home To Pre-Damage Condition

There is a mistaken belief that removing standing water is all that needs to be done to restore a home after a flooding incident. Each home requires more steps involving additional workers and equipment.

To restore an Andover home after water damage means carefully drying the structure after removing standing water and moisture that was trapped in the floors and behind walls. SERVPRO understands that four key factors affect air moisture content and determine which methods we use to return a home to an undamaged condition.

The ideal range to dry a home is from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the HVAC is not operative, our technicians set-up portable space heaters to raise the temperature in the damaged areas. We make certain that the temperature on the first day is no higher than 80 degrees to avoid accidentally raising the air moisture content level rather than lowering it.

The humidity level is based on the actual amount of water vapor as opposed to its total capacity. Any level that is 60 percent or higher means the air is saturated which increases the drying time. To reduce the humidity level, work crews establish dehumidifiers in the affected rooms and hallways. In most cases, we can reduce the humidity level by at least 20 percent in a 24-hour period.

Dehumidifiers also help to speed up the drying process throughout a home. Once technicians reduce the standing water to under two inches, evaporation greatly increases. To increase this pace, technicians examine the speed of the flood waters and then determine which areas were under water the longest amount of time. Knowing this allows us to place dehumidifiers, air movers, and exhaust fans in the key sectors of the home that need attention as soon as possible.

Air Movement
We use the same exhaust fans and air movers to force cooler air out of an affected room and replace it with a dry, warmer air from the outside. This technique is also useful in drying out personal and structural property by forcing warm air over the surfaces to draw out excess moisture.

Restoring your home after suffering water damage is not a quick or simple process. It is not enough to turn over the sofa and set it outside on the deck to dry the legs and skirt; you need a professional service to ensure your home is properly restored to its original state. To get the process started, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County today at (763) 712-9712. We are here to help you and our community recover from water or any other disaster.

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A Great Way To Address Mold Damage Issues Found In Your Andover Home

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Tips for Mold Inspections, Detections, and Remediation

There are many areas in your home where mold growth can become an issue. You need to take the opportunity to smell each area, look for discoloration, and check for moisture whenever possible. Mold growth is often subtle, hiding just under the surface, only showing when things truly get out of control.
Getting help with mold damage on your Andover property is serious business. If you let things linger long enough, existing damage can cause health effects and lead to additional issues that all homeowners would rather avoid. Never hesitate to ask for help, professional remediation specialists are your best option.
Having mold damage in your attic stems from a leaky roof, improper ventilation, or even ignored maintenance. As bothersome as it may be to both your time and your pocketbook, having a properly trained SERVPRO mold remediation technician inspect your home can provide you with valuable information that saves your home from complete disaster.
SERVPRO checks everything, using infrared moisture detectors to locate problems with leaky windows or pipes and every other area in your home with a constant water source. We even check the ventilation in your kitchen and bathroom to ensure they work properly and vent outside, rather than to your attic or into your walls.
SERVPRO technicians look at the entire inside of your home, your kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, and basement to ensure everything is in proper working order. We even inspect your yard for grading issues and check for the possibility of landscaping intruding on pipes or the building itself, allowing access to moisture.
If you find mold damage in your home, it is important to seek help immediately. You want to stop any leaks right away and have someone close who understands what to do to get mold growth under control fast. Our mold damage remediation services offer a quality solution you can count on, and our technicians take the time to assist you in preventing future problems.
Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to address your mold growth situation, today. We can get things under control in a quick, efficient manner that limits any losses you experience. (763) 712-9712

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Water Damage Services You Can Rely On In Coon Rapids

6/12/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Services You Can Rely On In Coon Rapids As a hotel manager, you should understand how important it is to seek professional help when a hotel room or your entire building floods.

Water Damage Restoration Services

As a hotel manager or property owner, you should understand how important it is to seek professional help when a hotel room or your entire building floods. With the sheer amount of water sources on your property, the problem could come from anywhere.  
This type of service often exceeds the ability of regular janitorial staff in your Coon Rapids hotel. You cannot prevent water damage by utilizing wet/dry shop vacuums, or carpet drying equipment. Water still makes its way through walls, under baseboards or molding, penetrates carpeting, sub floors, and causes damage to rooms below, making time a major factor in the successful recovery of items exposed to water damage of any type found on your property.
Having a pre-existing relationship with a company, like SERVPRO can help you obtain the support you deserve when disaster strikes. Our water mitigation services involve reducing or preventing the amount of water damage you experience. By making fast, appropriate decisions concerning the type of water exposure found on your property. We can prevent additional damages from forming, including issues caused by mold and other biohazards that can develop over time.  
SERVPRO technicians maintain IICRC certifications specific to water extraction, cleaning, and deodorization methods necessary to restore your building and its contents to a condition that, most times, exceeds customer expectations. We work hard to produce quality results for clients just like you and help keep your operation running, protecting guests from exposure as we perform our services.
SERVPRO has access to a variety of industrial-grade moisture detection, water extraction, air moving, and drying equipment that helps speed up the entire process. With extractors of various sizes and attachments for specialty situations, no amount of water escapes our grasp. We manage your entire restoration from beginning to end, allowing you the time necessary to focus on guests rather than micro-manage workers on site.  
We make it a point to respond to your initial call with the right amount of highly trained support and equipment, using advanced technology and 24-hour emergency services designed to meet your every need. Whether you have a flood or a single room experiencing water exposure, we want to be the company that you call. When disaster strikes, contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County. We can make your water damage problems disappear, “Like they never even happened.” (763) 712-9712.

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Water Damage Inside Your Andover Home's Walls

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Inside Your Andover Home's Walls When your home suffers from water damage, not only are your floors affected, but usually, the walls are as well.

Water Damage Inside Your Walls

When your home suffers from water damage, not only are your floors affected, but usually, the walls are as well. The damage can be obvious, but many times it is hidden and can be missed to the untrained eye.

Therefore, you need to call professionals such as SERVPRO to inspect your Andover home after any water damage has occurred. The first steps our technicians at SERVPRO need to take is to figure out how much damage you have. Water which enters at ground level covers the floor and floor covering, then starts to wick up the wall. How much wicking occurs depends upon the construction of the wall, how much water there is, and its height on the wall.

An absorbent material, drywall is constructed of a gypsum core and paper which is like cardboard on either side. The water is likely on both sides and many times higher on the inside from restricted evaporation. Water is sometimes visible, but other times the wall shows no signs of moisture.

At SERVPRO, we have a broad range of professional metering equipment so we can evaluate the damage. A non-invasive moisture meter uses radio waves to test for the presence of water. Another instrument is the infrared camera. The camera can find water in walls since evaporation from wet walls makes them cooler than dry ones.

After the wet walls are found, drying equipment is brought in. Without the presence of insulation, walls can be dried without removing the baseboard and without holes. We use high capacity air movers along each wall, reducing the water molecules from the wall surface and letting more evaporation happen as soon as possible.

Our techs also use one or more dehumidifiers in your home. Such machines lower the humidity levels to help with drying and to prevent mold from growing. When needed, we can install an inner-wall drying system, using small holes over the sill plate and forcing air into the cavity of the wall. Studies have shown this is the fastest way to dry walls that have been damaged by water.

Regardless of where the water came from, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County right away so we can mitigate your loss. You can reach us anytime at you need at (763) 712-9712.

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Taking The Proper Precautions To Prevent Water Damage In Your Andover Home

5/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Taking The Proper Precautions To Prevent Water Damage In Your Andover Home Water Pipes That Burst Cause Damage to Andover Homes, Call SERVPRO for Restoration

Andover Properties Need Preventative Measures to Mitigate Damage Caused by Water

Homeowners everywhere struggle with a variety of issues concerning water damage on their property. Some implement the precautions necessary to help avoid these problems, make a majority of required repairs, and install upgrades needed to combat these issues.  
However, even with some of you taking charge, many Andover homes remain susceptible to water damage that occurs quite frequently. Presenting us with an opportunity to discuss a variety of issues that excessive moisture can cause and a variety of ways you can implement solutions to save your family from experiencing a significant amount of loss.
SERVPRO technicians respond to emergency issues daily. These are not the only issues you can have, nor are they the most damaging. However, they happen far more often than say, natural disasters like tornadoes, or torrential rainstorms. So, having them on our list gives you the heads up you deserve to combat these issues accordingly.
Water main issues caused by aging pipes or damaged supply lines lead to drainage issues. Broken pipes feed lines pose risks that you can prevent by having a professional technician, like those offered at SERVPRO, inspect your property for possible maintenance issues.  
You can get the help you need to make the repairs necessary to correct many problems that involve your plumbing, like overflows, damaged fixtures, and accidents caused by misuse. SERVPRO can help you decide how to protect your home and your family, taking the proper precautions to enjoy a safe, healthy home environment.  
Sewer and drainage problems exist in every home. We deal with clogged pipes, damaged drainage systems, tree growth and grading issues quickly and efficiently. We strive on returning your damaged home to a quality condition, “Like it never even happened.”
There is a quick, simple solution to the majority of problems you face. However, unless you take the incentive to contact your local restoration company, you may never know how to prevent large-scale water intrusions or accidents from occurring on your property.
Make a call to SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to receive the response and service you deserve to get back on your feet the right way. We are here to help, call today. (763) 712-9712

Strike Back Against Flood Damage On Your Andover Property

4/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Strike Back Against Flood Damage On Your Andover Property If a flood damage incident strikes your Andover area home, seek help immediately.

Flood Damage

Water is a life-saving resource that humanity simply cannot live without, even in the most basic example, it is essential for life. However, somewhere along the line water also became a hazard, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting homeowners and leaving many wondering what to do.

If a flood damage incident strikes your Andover area home, seek help immediately. Your decisions after an event can make the difference between total loss or ensuring a safe, efficient restoration of your property. Remember to act fast; time is a crucial factor in your homes recovery.

If local authorities have determined that your property is once again safe to enter, you should notify your insurance company, and contact a professional restoration company for help. Avoid attempting any actions yourselves; without the proper training you may end up hurting more than you help. Don't take risks with the safety and protection of your family. Your property contains a variety of hazards that you may not be aware of after a flood, and with help on the way, there is simply no reason for you to take the risk.

Contacting a quality restoration company, like SERVPRO, means that you gain access to IICRC professionally certified restoration technicians with years of experience handling situations just like yours. They know what to do, or what not to do, to maintain a safe working environment, so leave the heavy lifting and risk taking to the professionals. SERVPRO also offers a readiness app online that gives you access to communications with your local restoration office, a way to share pertinent information, log lost or damaged items, and prepare paperwork for your insurance claim process. It is just one way that we help improve your restoration experience and serves as a key tool in getting things back to normal fast.

SERVPRO is available for you 24/7 year round. SERVPRO makes it a point to discuss your concerns and explain each of the services we plan to use for your restoration. If you have any inquiries at any time before, during, or after your restoration team performs on your home, all you need to do is contact us for an answer. Give SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County the opportunity to provide you with one-stop resources in managing the flooding event happening on your property. We are here to help (763) 712-9712.

Leading Causes Of Fire Damage In Coon Rapids

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Leading Causes Of Fire Damage In Coon Rapids Lightning has been the bane of homeowners since the dawn of civilization and remains a leading origin of fire damage.

Main Causes Of Fire Damage

Being ready for fire damage means being ready for its sources. The trouble is, fire can result from many different processes and factors, and controlling for all of these is all but impossible. The best you can do is to hunker down, make preparations wherever possible, and keep general fire safety measures like smoke detectors up-to-date and in good health. As a starting place, consider these common fire-starting events. These make up a great portion of calls received by SERVPRO nationwide, and avoiding them should drastically lower your risk of fire damage.

Lighting Strikes
Lightning has been the bane of homeowners since the dawn of civilization and remains a leading origin of fire damage in Coon Rapids. It is impossible to tell when and if lightning may strike your home, but there are things you can do to help keep damage to a minimum. The biggest safety measure you can invest in is a lightning rod - these serve to court lightning into a much safer channel leading straight into the ground. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a tall tree somewhere on your property, near the home yet close enough that fire could not spread from one to the other.

Kitchen Fires
Kitchen and grease fires are one of our most common calls, usually for minor damage. However, if no sprinkler or fire extinguisher is nearby, these fires can rapidly balloon into much larger problems. The best way to protect your home against kitchen fires is through well-placed sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.

Electrical Fires
Electrical fires are often the most dangerous fires in a home, as they carry the added risk of electrocution. SERVPRO technicians wear special clothing and gloves designed to protect them from damaged outlets, shorted circuits, and slashed cables after a fire, so you should also do your best to exercise extreme caution around any fire involving electronics or outlets.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is ready 24/7 to pick up the phone and respond to your call for help. For assistance with fire, water, mold, or any other type of home damage, contact us at (763) 712-9712.

5 Simples Steps That Help You Avoid Expensive Water Damage Disasters In Your Oak Park Home

3/25/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage 5 Simples Steps That Help You Avoid Expensive Water Damage Disasters In Your Oak Park Home Frozen Pipes and Ice Dams Cause Water Damage in Oak Park Homes

Preparation and Maintenance Can Mitigate or Prevent Water Damage

Waiting until you face considerable expenses may cause even bigger issues that a majority of homeowners could prevent. Take advantage of the information available to you and help avoid common causes of water damage that could develop in your home.
If someone told you that taking a few simple precautions would help you avoid extensive water damage in your Oak Park area home, would you ignore it? Of course, not, every homeowner wants to protect life's biggest investment. So, why not get ahead of the curve and stop waiting until the last moment to do something?
At SERVPRO, we like to share information. We also want to help you prevent as much damage as possible and prepare your home for the worst possible circumstances. However, this is a team effort, without homeowners taking responsibility themselves, we cannot be as successful as we would like to be.
SERVPRO technicians would like for you to keep this in mind and follow these simple steps to prevent common issues:
Step 1: During winter months when the weather is the coldest, make sure to drain, disconnect, and store outdoor water hoses. Stored water can produce ice-blocks that extend into your pipes, causing indoor pipes to burst, creating damages on the interior of your home.

Step 2: Twice every year take a look at gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters produce ice-dams, overflows, and other issues that allow water to access unprotected areas of your home.

Step 3: Make sure that any trees or shrubbery on your property stays clear of drainage or plumbing in your yard. Roots can become a severe problem, wrapping around and even penetrating drainage system pipes.

Step 4: Have a certified company, like SERVPRO, inspect your property to determine if you have the proper drainage and runoff to handle water flow in your area. With the proper grading and drainage systems such as backflow valves and sump pumps installed, flooding remains minimal.

Step 5: On the interior of your home, start with checking all of your appliances. Water supply lines for washing machines, dishwashers, and even ice makers need replacement at some point. Ignoring them causes bigger issues to develop. Check seals and drainage hoses for cracks and wear and tear.
Already found a leak? Do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County; we can help locate the source, perform repairs, and restore your home to a quality pre-damage condition in a quick, efficient manner today. (763) 712-9712

Why Attempting Mold Damage Or Remediation On Your Own In Andover Is Never A Good Idea

3/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Attempting Mold Damage Or Remediation On Your Own In Andover Is Never A Good Idea Visible Mold Growth IN Andover Can Extend Far into Wall Cavities--Call SERVPRO for Remediation

SERVPRO Advises to Hire a Professional Mold Remediation Company

By using a mild cleaning solution to cleanse small areas of mold found on the ceiling or walls of your bathroom, you may be helping conceal the real problem that exists. Not only that, if you handle the area wrong, you could spread the contamination further as well.

It is true that regular bleach mixed with water in the correct manner has some effect on mold damaged areas of your Andover home. It is minimal even as the water encourages more mold growth. However, these cleaning chemicals do not entirely remove the microscopic spores that cause mold growth to occur and should never be your only method of handling mold remediation in your home.

You may use the correct cleaning solution, but you forget that any scrub brushes, sponges, buckets, or other tools you use that become contaminated need cleaning as well. You end up using these tools again and again for different reasons around your home, spreading dormant spores throughout your property, without even knowing what you are doing.

SERVPRO often assists homeowners after they have decided to try to tackle these issues on their own. It often turns out that they cause more harm than good. Our technicians use visible signs of mold growth in your home to locate larger problems hidden in your walls. Without the stains there, it just makes things harder.

Unless you are sure that you have everything necessary, including the knowledge to perform your remediation on your own, contacting expertly trained professionals to help you control mold growth in your home correctly remains your best option. We encourage all homeowners to turn to professional assistance for mold remediation.

SERVPRO technicians use physical removal methods of remediation to control mold infestations in your home. The small patches you see on the ceiling of your bathroom are just the beginning. When removing the porous materials on the surface, you often find a great deal more contamination within your walls that require your attention as well.

Give SERVPRO’s expertly trained mold remediation specialists the opportunity to inspect your situation and provide you with the proper services to mitigate mold growth on your property. They have the ability to locate and repair the source of moisture causing the problem, access to professional extraction and drying equipment to remove water faster, and experience in handling and disposing of infected materials correctly.

Allow us to help provide you and your family with a clean, healthy environment. Give SERVPRO of Coon Rapids – Central Anoka County a call today. (763) 712-9712

Remediation Services You Deserve Offered For Homes In Coon Rapids Affected By Mold Damage

3/3/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Remediation Services You Deserve Offered For Homes In Coon Rapids Affected By Mold Damage Dealing with mold damage in your home requires expertly trained remediation technicians.

Mold Damage Remediation

Mold in your home presents your family with health concerns that you should handle immediately. Even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that there is no such thing as an acceptable amount or type of mold and that you should seek professional help regardless of the kind of mold existing on your property. Dealing with mold damage in your Coon Rapids home requires expertly trained remediation technicians. Workers that understand how materials become affected by mold and have the professional equipment necessary to mitigate the damages created by such an event. At SERVPRO we find that one of the major reasons behind drying water-soaked materials is to help prevent permanent damage caused by fungi. Molds, mildew, and bacteria cause decomposition of organic materials, many of which reside in the materials used to build your home.

Extreme mold situations involve spotty, dirt like stains developing over walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. These stains may grow into almost fuzzy white clumps of infested materials, slowly eating away the structure of your home. SERVPRO technicians consider controlling moisture sources in your home as the key to controlling mold growth. Removing water as soon as possible once discovered makes mold growth less likely to occur and prevents additional damages from forming.

Our technician's job is to provide you with services required to dry wet materials, structure and other contents involved in your event. We follow specific instructions provided by Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) to perform tasks necessary to help remediate your current situation properly. SERVPRO can provide you with the professionally trained technicians you need to recover from a terribly dangerous situation in your home, limiting the interruptions to your normal routine by making ourselves available through a schedule convenient for you.

We have access to both water detection and water extraction equipment to help get things under control immediately. Following all safety regulations concerning the handling and disposal of contaminated materials beyond restoration found on your property. Offering drying, sanitation, and repair services, making us a one-stop solution for all of your restoration needs. Turn to professionals that you trust during an emergency affecting your home and obtain the services you deserve to return your property to a quality pre-damage condition, with a stress-free experience.

Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County today for additional information on how we can help you overcome mold damage situations in your home (763) 712-9712.