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Andover's Commercial Water Damage Drying Techniques

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Andover's Commercial Water Damage Drying Techniques If a pipe breaks inside your Andover beauty salon, it is essential that quick mitigation of the problem takes place.

Commercial Water Damage Drying Techniques

If a pipe breaks inside your Andover beauty salon, it is essential that quick mitigation of the problem takes place. It is vital that the building is made safe for your employees and customers. If moisture sits inside a structure for too long many problems including mold growth can take place.

It is also helpful if the mitigation work takes place while your business stays open. SERVPRO's commercial water damage technicians in Andover always try to complete restoration work without causing excessive strain on your company. From the first time we arrive on the job site to the finish, we utilize methods that allow our work to negatively affect your business as little as possible.

The first step to any mitigation process is to ensure that the building is safe for all occupants. Anything that is a potential hazard gets repaired, or the area gets blocked off before work begins. When we start the extraction process, we section off the areas that we are working in so that your customers and employees stay out of harm's way.

In some scenarios, we extract water out of your beauty salon a section at a time so that you can keep some salon chairs open and keep your business functioning. After we pull all of the moisture out with the extraction equipment that we can, the drying process begins. Structural drying sometimes gets completed overnight when the beauty salon is not open. Other times the dehumidification and air moving equipment gets set up inside the salon so that it is not in the way of business operations.

When setting equipment up inside a building to dry its structure, correct positioning of the air movers and dehumidifiers is vital. If air movers get set up to where they are pumping air directly into the walls, then they are pushing moisture into the wall which is not ideal. Our SERVPRO restoration team always sets up air movers so that they push air in a counter-clockwise motion at the walls at a 45-degree angle so that it pushes the moist air out to where the dehumidifiers can remove the water vapor.

Proper drying techniques get used to ensure that moisture levels drop to preloss conditions within 48 hours. For assistance drying out your beauty salon, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 any time of the day.

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Appliances that Cause Flood Damage to Your Anoka Residence

4/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Appliances that Cause Flood Damage to Your Anoka Residence Flooding, whether from outside or inside sources, can leave your home under many inches of water. Contact SERVPRO to dry out the water and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Flood Damages Regardless of the Cause

Once an appliance springs a leak in your Anoka residence, you need to act fast. Shutting off the water supply to the appliance, or that section of your home can save you thousands of dollars in damages later. Your next step needs to address the water that threatens to flood your home.
SERVPRO helps residents when faced with flood damage in Anoka, including flooding by appliances. All may seem well when you return home from shopping or work, only to find that your washer overflowed or slipped a hose. If the latter occurs, it might occur even when you were not using the machine to wash clothes.
We can help you by quickly removing the water and starting the procedures involved in drying out your home. Extraction machines and pumps can remove enormous amounts of water, but still leave your home in a damp condition. We remove the moisture behind this, and leave your home dry again, "Like it never even happened." We know that this needs to happen to protect your home from the effects of water, including microbial activity.
We use different machines to dry out a home, including air movers. For areas that remain enclosed due to the architecture of your home, as well as under floorboards and in between walls, we use a system that injects air into these locations. Forcing dry air into these spots and then allowing it to exit carries out substantial amounts of moisture that would otherwise cause problems. Our moisture reading equipment can detect how much humidity remains in the air as it exits, allowing us to know how dry an area becomes.
Heat also plays a role in drying out a home, but this also must remain controlled. Too high of a heat can also cause problems with the final results, and lead to problems with wood and trim becoming too brittle. We understand these details and can answer your questions pertaining to your home if you desire more information. We know that your home is essential to you and we want to make sure that you remain a partner in its restoration.
SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County wants to put our employees' IICRC certificates to good use, and helping homeowners with disasters such as flood damage is the perfect way to accomplish this. We can always be reached at (763) 712-9712, regardless of the hour or day of the year.

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Dead Trees Can Cause Flood Damages To Your Anoka Residence

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dead Trees Can Cause Flood Damages To Your Anoka Residence Our SERVPRO professionals have gotten specially trained in flood damage restoration.

Dead Trees Can Cause Flood Damage

Your Anoka home might not always see the worst weather imaginable year round, but it does see its fair share of severe storms that pass through. While your home might get constructed to withstand some of the harsh winds and heavy rainfall that come along with strong storm systems rolling through the region, it was never built to withstand the weight and force of falling limbs from trees (not to mention the entire tree itself).

The trouble with circumstances and weather systems that can knock down trees, beyond the obvious structural damage it can cause, is the possibility of flood damage to your Anoka residence. With wide gashes and punctured holes in the roof of your house, or through the siding on its exterior, you now have clear pathways for heavy rainfall to pour into your house rather than get diverted from it as it usually would. All of these circumstances can happen simultaneously, offering you little time to think about what to do next, so it is a good thing to know whom you can trust in a situation like this to help you restore the damage and prevent it from getting worse.

Our SERVPRO professionals have gotten specially trained in flood damage restoration. From the moment that our team arrives at your home, we prioritize sealing up the holes and punctures that permitted water to pour into your house. While these areas need repair, it initially prevents further structural damage to seal these points off with tarps and boards to keep new water out of the affected areas of your home.

Circumstances like this often leave your attic taking the brunt of the flood damage, and depending on the time before professional restoration could begin, might have spread to adjoining areas of your home through the floors. Extraction is a priority in these circumstances, as the pooled water otherwise finds a path to keep moving through your home, and widespread damage can prove costly and difficult to restore. Thoroughly drying the area with drying mats and air movers can prevent the water from affecting areas like your ceilings below the attic.

You might not have anticipated the damage that a single tree can do to your home, but fortunately, you have SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to help you through the restoration process. You can reach our emergency response team 24/7 by calling (763) 712-9712.

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The Right Fire Damage Restoration Can Make Your New Brighton Home Comfortable Again

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Right Fire Damage Restoration Can Make Your New Brighton Home Comfortable Again An overloaded outlet can spark and catch fire leaving you in need of professional fire damage restoration services.

SERVPRO is Here to Help with Any Size Fire Damage in Your Home

Any major holiday might bring the family in from all over to your New Brighton home. One thing that this almost assuredly means, is that you are going to be utilizing more electricity (and overloading outlets) to supply everyone with the power for their respective electronic devices, not to mention any decorations that you might also have installed. The trouble with pushing outlets beyond their limits is the reality that they can and do overload, resulting in fires.

While you can be more diligent about the overextension of these outlets throughout your home, you are never entirely aware of the condition they are to start. While the last thing that you want around any holiday season is a small electrical fire, your New Brighton home’s fire damages can get restored with the right professional team at your back.

Our SERVPRO technicians get specially trained in all manner of fire restoration, from the various symptoms to diagnose and correct, to the most modern and efficient techniques for bringing your home back to preloss conditions. While this smaller scale fire might threaten the festivities you have planned, with the right coordination with the technicians assigned to your restoration project, we can work around your schedule to get the job done promptly and professionally.

One of the ways that we work to keep your home life running smoothly, regardless of the plans that you might already have in place, is the commitment to communicate with you through every facet of the restoration process. This commitment ensures that our SERVPRO technicians work first on the most detrimental of the lingering symptoms and effects from the recent fire before setting our sights on the less significant issues that might remain.

We cover all areas of fire restoration to physically removing lingering effects, cleaning up your home, deodorization and controlled demolition for new construction needs. Whatever degree that you might need our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County team following a fire, we are always there to help. Give our emergency response team a call today at (763) 712-9712.

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Failure of Appliances Could Lead to Water Removal in Your Andover Home

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Failure of Appliances Could Lead to Water Removal in Your Andover Home If you experience a water emergency in your home, call on SERVPRO, we can properly dry out and restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Call SERPVRO as Soon as Possible to Remove Water Fast and Minimize Damages

Water emergencies to your Andover home come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, with so many different ways that water disasters can occur, it seems reasonable that you should already have thoroughly considered a suitable restoration company that you intend to call in such circumstances. Perhaps one of the most typical culprits in these situations is faulty and malfunctioning appliances.

While it is always advisable to do routine maintenance on all of the appliances that you have in your home from washing machines to water heaters, sometimes an annual check-up of sorts is not sufficient to negate the possibility. When an appliance directly connected to the plumbing in your home breaks down or falls apart, this water source could continue to feed the appliance fresh water (that ultimately ends up on the floor) that continues until the source of the supply has been shut down. Even with shutting this down promptly, you are still likely facing a need for water removal services for your Andover residence.

Naturally, when you call our SERVPRO professionals, our priority is preserving your home from further damage immediately. To prevent more problems from compounding, we seek out the valve connected to the water source and shut it down if it has not been already. This action ensures that more water cannot make its way to the affected area of your home through the malfunctioning appliance.

Extraction is a critical component to the restoration and water removal process, and it combines several pieces of equipment. For higher volumes of water, our SERVPRO technicians could employ a truck-mounted pump, though most often it is a combination of portable pumps with extraction wands and wet-vacuums. Drying the area is also a critical component of our restoration process, and this also combines several different pieces of our equipment, which may include tools like drying mats, air movers and large dehumidifiers.

When your home requires water removal services, time is of the essence to prevent structural concerns and irreparable damage to the contents of your home. Trust our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County team to help you set things right quickly and reclaim your water damaged home. You can reach our emergency response team anytime at (763) 712-9712.

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The Reality of Finding Mold Damage in Your Andover Residence

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Reality of Finding Mold Damage in Your Andover Residence Mold can appear suddenly and then spread quickly. Call SERVPRO right away should you see or smell moldy dampness in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Efficaciously Remediate Mold Infestations in Homes

Most people might not even realize how easy it is to have the appropriate environment for mold growth in their Andover home. When it gets earnestly considered, the majority of people think that fungal spores and colonies only really present themselves in dark and damp areas of forgotten basements and could not find a way to present themselves into the bustling high traffic areas of their home. Unfortunately, this is undoubtedly not the case.
The truth is, many people do not even realize they have mold damage in their Andover home until they have a thriving set of colonies on their hands. Even with this scenario, unless you are continuously monitoring for changes in appearance to drywall and other organic materials, it can be easy to overlook. Often the damage is identified most easily by an overwhelming musty scent that is indicative of the presence of fungal growth.
Sure, there are plenty of places on the internet that would suggest that you can remove mold colonies on your own with this type of cleanser or through some specific method. In all actuality, without the right tools and expertise, most people cannot remove a mold colony entirely, allowing the problem to reoccur time and time again. Remediation of the mold is something that is better left to professionals like our experienced and highly trained SERVPRO team.
Our goal throughout this process is to remove the mold colonies from your home successfully, but at the same time, prevent more active spores from creating new colonies elsewhere. When we arrive to begin the process, we shut down air circulation appliances like your air conditioning or forced air heaters to prevent the spread of mold to other areas of your home through ventilation and ductwork.
Removal of the colonies is the same process regardless of where we are in the home, utilizing tools like our scrubbers with HEPA filters to clean deeply into the surfaces to eradicate the entire hyphae. Once all of the assessed damage has gotten removed, we set our sights on dehumidification to eliminate the moisture in the air that allowed the mold to thrive in the first place.
Our team is IICRC certified in mold remediation strategies. We know how to help you through this problem, regardless of the severity of mold damage you might face. You can trust our experienced specialists at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County. Call us today at (763) 712-9712.

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Water Damage Solutions Provided To Andover Hotel Owners

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Solutions Provided To Andover Hotel Owners SERVPRO Mitigates Water Damage to Laundromats and Hotels in the Andover Area Keeping Your Business Open

SERVPRO Helps Keep Your Business Open to Your Guests and Clients with Water Removal

Offering laundry facilities to guests that visit your Andover hotel can lead to some pretty significant damages if you fail to take the time to maintain your laundry rooms properly. Guests may even damage these appliances by mistake, causing significant problems for everyone else.
You need to remember that the washers and dryers In your Andover area hotel generate heat and moisture, which often leads to water damage or mold growth if given enough time. Never hesitate to call a trusted professional for help at the first signs of water damage in your hotel, taking your time or putting things off only make matters worse.

The washing machines themselves have both cold and hot water connections that your maintenance team needs to check for cracks or leaks on a regular basis. The filters on each machine require replacement periodically, to prevent performance issues that often cause malfunctions. SERVPRO has 24-hour emergency response teams available to respond to your request for help.

If you have slow flow problems, check lines for mineral buildup and make the appropriate repairs. Always check your feed valves for drips or slow leaks that can cause extensive water damage if left unattended. Have a plumber maintain regular maintenance of any utility sinks, checking for slow drains or continuously dripping faucets. SERVPRO can help you transport and dispose of damaged materials, dry and clean wet areas and provide resources necessary to restore damages to your hotel. Cleanup and water damage restoration are cornerstones of our business model.

Your dryers have a ventilation system that clogs quite often and requires immediate attention to avoid accumulation of moisture behind the machine and in your walls. You want to make sure that each exhaust hose is as short and straight as possible for improved dryer efficiency. Check each laundry room in your hotel for damp or soft walls, stains on floors or ceilings, or additional water damage that may be present. Guest must not be exposed to potential mold growth on their soft fabrics from a contaminated laundry room.

SERVPRO can provide you with IICRC certified technicians who have access to infrared moisture detectors and hygrometers that make testing moisture levels or finding hidden water easier. We can inspect your laundry facilities for leaks in your walls, saturation from slow leaks, and help reduce damages you might experience along the way.  

Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County for full-service water damage solutions for your Arden Hills, St Paul, and New Brighton property, today. (763) 712-9712

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The Five Principles Professionals use to Remedy Mold Damage in Your Ham Lake Home

2/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Five Principles Professionals use to Remedy Mold Damage in Your Ham Lake Home Mold damage is a serious concern that should addressed immediately by trained professionals.

SERVPRO Offers Thorough Mold Damage Remediation

Mold damage is a serious issue that needs immediate attention by trained restoration experts. Mold can not only damage your home and its contents, but it can also cause health effects. The best way to deal with it is to seek professional help as soon as possible.

SERVPRO technicians can remedy the mold damage from your Ham Lake home by employing the five-principle strategy recommended by the IICRC. Called the S520 Mold Remediation Standard, it is one of the most comprehensive strategies to clean and remedy the damage in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Principle 1: Providing for Health and Safety

The health of the technicians and the occupants of the premises is of paramount importance. SERVPRO technicians can use the best safety practices to minimize the exposure to mold during cleanup. We also ensure that the mold spores are not spreading during the restoration process as well.

Principle 2: Proper Documentation

Technicians document the conditions including the extent of contamination and the level of moisture among other things. The initial documentation serves as a stepping stone for developing a strategy for the efficient remediation.

Principle 3: Containment

Containing the damage is a top priority during the remediation process. Mold spores can become airborne easily and reach uncontaminated areas. Technicians can use various strategies to prevent this from happening. Establishing a physical barrier and using negative air machines are some of the ways of achieving this. Our technicians can also establish designated clean rooms to store the equipment as well.

Principle 4: Remove the Contamination 

If the mold damage is so extensive that cleaning is not an option, physical removal and disposal of the contents is the only way to ensure proper restoration. Many porous materials may require elimination if the damage is extensive including drywall, clothing items and upholstery. Once the affected material is removed, technicians can use vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters to eliminate the settled spores and dust.

Principle 5: Correcting the Moisture Problem 

Controlling the moisture problem is one of the most important things for preventing mold from returning. Restoration experts use various methods to eliminate the residual moisture including the use of dehumidifiers, air movers, and extractors.

Call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County today at (763) 712-9712 to discuss your restoration needs.

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Taking Precaution After Flood Damage In Your Oak Park Home

1/31/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Taking Precaution After Flood Damage In Your Oak Park Home If your home in Oak Park is in a high-risk area for floods, you might not be able to prevent flooding and flood damage entirely.

Taking Precautions After A Flood

Flooding can happen in Oak Park when existing drainage systems have too much water runoff overwhelming them. In areas where the sewer system also acts as a stormwater drainage system, water can back up through sewer pipelines. Rainwater can also enter buildings through windows, doors, other openings, or even racks in the foundation.

If your home in Oak Park is in a high-risk area for floods, you might not be able to prevent flooding and flood damage entirely. When your home has experienced flooding, you need professional help to ensure your home is dried out again correctly and to try and salvage your possessions. SERVPRO has experience and training for flood damage, along with the right tools to clean it all up.

When your house has been damaged by storms, it could pose hazards for you and us. Floods create significant damage to a structure. If your house has been exposed to water for an extended period, materials like drywall and flooring may weaken. A situation like this creates a hazard for all. We check for structural hazards before we proceed with water mitigation and restoration. We make sure to keep you and your family out as well until we know the structure is safe.

We must check for other things as well, such as gas. If we smell any, we leave right away and contact your local gas company or fire department. If any water has entered from above, we look for water in the ceiling cavities which is trapped. Ceilings can fall from softened drywall. We drill holes in the ceiling to allow any trapped water to come out.

We also examine any wet subflooring, as particleboard floors which are exposed to water might not be able to support people or our machines. Any exposed nails, broken glass, splinters, or other sharp objects could be present in your home as well, so we always watch our step and what we are picking up.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County takes everyone’s safety seriously, so before we begin flood damage remediation in your home in Andover, Anoka, or Zimmerman, we take every necessary precaution. Give us a call right away at (763) 712-9712 if your home has experienced flooding.

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Choosing Certified Professionals For Mold Remediation In Your Ham Lake Home

1/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation  Choosing Certified Professionals For Mold Remediation In Your Ham Lake Home It is important to call on mold remediation specialists at the first sign of mold in your home.

Keep Your Home Safe by Calling Professional Mold Remediation Specialists

As scary as it might be to be a Ham Lake homeowner at times, it does not change the fact that there are many things that you need to be aware of that could threaten the structural integrity or the health and welfare of your family. Even the simplest of issues, such as dampness in your basement, could spell trouble. When temperatures get above the mid-60s in this area of your home, combined with the presence of moisture in the air, you have all of the necessary components for mold growth.

Mold damage to your Ham Lake homestead might not seem like a shocking discovery or one that you need to drop everything to take care of, but any fungal growth in your home could cause health effects for your family. Mold is a problem that you need to take care of, but fortunately, you do not have to deal with it on your own.

SERVPRO has IICRC certified mold remediation specialists that are specially trained to use the proper personal protective equipment and removal methods to eradicate mold colonies effectively. The process is very concise, and our technicians work to contain active mold spores from spreading to new areas while the entire fungal organism gets removed from each location.

Lingering musty smells typical to the presence of mold can get eliminated using our fogging equipment and ozone machines fitted with HEPA filters. The process can efficiently pull active mold spores from the air around where the colonies had become seated and neutralize the odor at a molecular level to remove any trace.

The final consideration of our SERVPRO remediation specialists is to remove the moisture that was present in the affected area. Dehumidifiers and air movers get used together to dry up the region while pulling moisture out of the air. Dehumidification is a practice that you should continue after the work has gotten completed and the mold colonies have gotten successfully removed. Using this equipment can ensure that mold growth does not occur again so readily in the future.

Finding mold growing in your home does not have to be a taxing ordeal when you trust SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to restore the damages. You can reach our certified specialists at any time by just calling (763) 712-9712.

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