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Mold Damage In Andover - Homes With Mold Must Be Dealt With Quickly

3/23/2016 (Permalink)

Mold can infect a home and, if left alone, can take over a house within just a few days.

Andover Mold Damage - Homes With Mold Must Be Dealt With Quickly

Mold can infect a home and, if left alone, can take over a house within just a few days. The mold spores that cause this are everywhere outside and can come into your home on the air and pets and the clothing of anyone who enters. This is how it can begin. The entrance of water, through a flood or storm damage, can also bring this dangerous element into your home. Mold damage in Andover must be dealt with through the services of a professional crew who does this type of removal on a daily basis.

The couple of things that mold needs to live and grow are already in your home, especially if there has been water coming in from a leaking pipe or a sewer connection breaking in your basement or crawl space. The moisture that is necessary, as well as the fuel, such as any wood, drywall, fabric or furniture is all there, also.

Mold can impact many people, especially those that have allergies and are prone to having respiratory problems. Health concerns make the need to have mold removal completed immediately. Calling a mold remediation company takes on an urgency that is backed up by the fact that mold can not go away by itself.

The company you call comes in and does a complete inspection of the entire house. This inspection is to find where it all is and what must be done to get it out of there. The professional technicians have plenty of specialized equipment they can use to locate all of the many sources of water and moisture, regardless of where it is, and it could be in many places. Mold may be behind the drywall, under the carpeting and floors and it might even be above the ceiling which makes the ceiling tiles decompose and possibly fall.

After locating all of the areas where it is possible for mold to be, all sections impacted like this are opened up. This is done by tearing wallboard out or opening the counters under the sinks. It could easily mean entering the crawlspaces, whether basements or attics. Remember; all areas are prone to attracting molds if the things it needs for life are present.

The areas that have mold present need to be contained. This is because, since the spores float in the air, no contaminated air should be allowed to go into other areas. This containment can consist of plastic sheeting or other barriers. The rest of the house's air is then filtered and evacuated from the home. This filtration is accomplished by large fans located in the appropriate places for this to happen efficiently.

The mold damage is then physically removed, and the areas sanitized with green sanitizing agents. A preventative can also be applied to help prevent the re-infection of this area.

Then the repair work begins. This is the installation of any building materials that have been removed to do this cleaning. They use new materials because the construction materials that were there were contaminated, and it is easier to do this than chance the old material carrying mold spores into the now clean space.

A leaking pipe, storm damage or a flood, in your Andover home, is the reason to call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 for a through inspection and fast remediation work by this professional personnel quickly.

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