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Tips to Prevent Mold Damage in Your Columbia Heights Home

7/11/2018 (Permalink)

Moisture Leads to Mold Patches in Columbia Heights Structures--Call SERVPRO for Remediation

ProtectYour Columbia Heights Home from Mold

Keeping your home dry on the inside might sound like common sense, but many homes in Columbia Heights contain small leaks that let moisture build up and accumulate. Keeping these under control and to a minimum can protect your home from many different types of damaging effects.
One type of harm a home in Columbia Heights might sustain involves mold damage. When levels of moisture elevate inside a home, it does not take long for existing microbes to take advantage of the situation and proliferate. Because mold and mildew reproduce by spores, these microbes can colonize readily and occur anywhere in a residence.
Porous materials in your home can feel dry to the touch but still retain moisture. Because these organisms are hygroscopic, they dig their hyphae, or root-like appendages, into the materials. Seeking moisture this way, they also destroy the surfaces on which they live. Drywall cardboard that sandwiches the plaster is particularly vulnerable to infestations.
Keeping your home's interior dry can help prevent this from happening. You can do this in several ways. Only one or two methods often do not produce the results desired, making it crucial to use several of the following suggestions.
Showering and cooking produce steam, which dissipates unless carried away by exhaust fans. Using one of these fans during the time the water produces steam and then a few minutes after carries this water vapor out of your home and reduces the humidity in the house.
Watering potted house plants only when needed. Try to limit the evaporation. Larger plants can often go for more extended periods between waterings, so combining smaller plants into one larger container can help reduce the total amount of water used.
Check over pipes and other water-carrying conduits in your residence to ensure that no leaks exist. SERVPRO assists homeowners with inspections to determine where leaks and other sources of water exist during a mold remediation service. When large leaks are discovered, we suggest that you contact a plumber for the necessary repairs.
Clean up spills quickly and make sure the surfaces no longer contain residual moisture. If cracks exist in the area, or if the spillage occurred on carpeting, air drying with a fan or two can help ensure no moisture remains behind.
SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County can help deal with mold damage or help you prevent it. We can help residents in the  Ham Lake or Coon Rapids areas by calling  (763) 712-9712.

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