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How do I Clean Up After a Flood in Coon Rapids?

4/7/2020 (Permalink)

"Call Now" Water damage in Coon Rapids can be handled correctly, let SERVPRO show you.

It’s Important to have a Plan in Place in Case of a Flood in Your Coon Rapids Home.

SERVPRO Technicians Clean, Dry, and Deodorize After a Flood 

Flash flooding often occurs in Southern Minnesota, making it crucial to have a plan in place for once the flood water recedes. Floodwater may carry microbial contamination, requiring specialized cleanup techniques. 

Do Technicians Clean the Same Way All Year Round?  

Flood damage in Coon Rapids requires special attention during colder months. Typically, in more mild climates, Technicians ventilate the home by opening windows and doors. This is not always possible during the cold winter months in Minnesota. However, air movers and the HVAC system also serve as tools to ventilate the house. 

What do Technicians do to Remove the Flood Water? 

  • Extract with truck-mounted or portable equipment 
  • Dry the impacted area by strategically placing air movers at floor level 
  • Pull moisture out of the air with dehumidifiers

What are the Special Precautions Taken to Clean After a Flood?

  • Hazard assessments to ensure the safety of residents and technicians
  • Source containment to stop contaminants from coming into unaffected areas
  • Clean in one area of the home to hinder cross-contamination
  • Technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves

 How Do Technicians Deal with Floodwater and Debris from the Flood?

  • Follow local guidelines, typically disposing in a treated sewer line
  • If unsalvageable, solid materials are securely bagged and removed from your home
  • If salvageable, technicians may bring the items to a secure, offsite storage facility for specialized cleaning.

After a flood, it is important to professionally clean and dry your home to mitigate further damage such as mold or other microbial growth. The professionals at SERVPRO have the knowledge, equipment, and cleaning products to restore your home to its preloss condition. 

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712. 

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What is the Best Way To Remove Groundwater From Your Anoka Basement?

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment on water damaged floor This basement experienced flooding after a storm. We had to remove the flooring to dry the basement.

Mitigation Services to Remove Groundwater in Anoka Basements 

After strong storm systems pass through Anoka, the ground can become too saturated to absorb more rainfall and present the ideal conditions for flooding. Hydrostatic pressures can be the bane of every aging home’s subterranean levels, especially when masonry joints have begun to erode and degrade over time. Even minor penetration points can become full breaches under this immense pressure. 

Hydrostatic pressure increases exponentially after soaking rainfall, especially following widespread flood damage in Anoka. Penetration into the basement of your property can immediately threaten the structural integrity of the exposed walls, but damage any stored contents in the basement as well. Prolonged exposure to standing water can affect concrete flooring as well. Addressing all of these concerns begins with the extraction and drying of the lower levels. 

Mitigation is the priority of our SERVPRO professionals beginning as soon as we arrive at your damaged household. We have high-pressure electric submersible pumps that can extract higher volumes of floodwater from the basement at a consistent rate. Even with potential solids that could exist in this lower level, we can discharge the floodwater into the drainage system leading to the sanitary sewer system. Light wands and wet vacuums can remove any further excess water from the surface of concrete flooring. 

Concrete flooring can often resist substantial saturation and water leeching when drying and extraction quickly begin after flooding occurs. Concrete has low porosity, making it harder for water to penetrate the material and remain. For what moisture can penetrate the surface, we can deploy drying mats to pull moisture from the concrete at a controlled speed. Drying the material too quickly can damage it. 

After torrential rainfall, conditions can exist to make damaging hydrostatic pressures and flooding inevitable. Preventing any moisture penetration altogether might be an insurmountable challenge for some homeowners. Still, our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County team can help with cleaning up the water damage that exists afterward. Give our rapid response team a call at the first sign of flooding at (763) 712-9712. 

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We Describe How To Pack And Move Out Your Contents In Anoka When Needed

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

yellow warning sign in front of storm damaged roof of house We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Flood Damage Experts In Anoka Describe How To Pack And Move Out Your Contents When Needed

Severe storms that hit the Anoka region can bring with them high-speed winds that can cause much destruction. If the winds are fierce enough, it is possible that it can blow off your roof or a section of it, thus making your home suffer from extensive flood damage. Once a hole in your structure opens up, rainwater can pour into your building. Large amounts of water can ruin many of your structural components and contents.

During severe cases of flood damage in Anoka, our SERVPRO technicians can remove and replace items if needed. However, in most cases, we try to save your building materials and possessions by extracting and drying them. When the moisture is excessive, it is often much easier to restore the structure and the contents if they are separated.

If moving out all of your contents is necessary, our SERVPRO team follows a strict procedure to pack out your items. Our experts start by making an inventory of everything that we move out and where it was before we moved it. We then can pack up your smaller contents and wrap your furniture. If your items need to be cleaned or dried, we keep track of what stage of the process each item is in.

While your contents are moved out of your building, we conduct restoration procedures on your structure. We can remove ruined items and then attempt to dry others. Once your house is completely rebuilt, and all of your contents are dried and cleaned, then Our crew can move your possessions back into your home.

When we return your items, we first take an inventory before leaving the storage location. We then stage the items so that they get put into the truck in a way that makes it easy to put things where they go in your house. Once we strategically pack the truck, we unload it and stage your items in an area in your home. Lastly, we use our inventory list to move your contents back into the exact places they were before the storm hit.

Shortly after the storm strikes your home in Andover, Arden Hills, or Ham Lake, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 because we are available 24/7 and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Flood Damage Experts Will Save Your Andover Home

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Call us for any emergency 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

Storm Flood Damage In Andover Can Create Health Hazards

Water comes from many sources in the average home, some of which may be cleaner than others. Dirty water sources can cause a host of additional problems when they cause damage (as opposed to clean water), not the least of which is an increased risk of health and safety problems for anyone unprepared. Water damage from any of these sources should be handled by a professional damage mitigation company like SERVPRO. We have the equipment and advanced training necessary to stay safe around potential hazards.

Ground Water Floods
Many calls we receive for flood damage in Andover originate from heavy rains over-saturating the soil and causing groundwater overflow to coalesce into a flood. Any water from these types of situations should be treated as a potential safety hazard because the soils and other contaminants that may be carried by the water could cause health effects if you are exposed to them. Any time floodwaters enter your home from the outside, you should treat the situation as though the water contains many contaminants from the ground.

Septic Tank Spills
A common reason for flood damage is the spill, rupture, or overflow of a septic tank. Most of the time, these spills avoid contaminating the inside of your home, but can still cause health effects if you are exposed to them, especially during a larger flood. If the spill happens during a storm flood that allows the water to come into your home, this can become a real emergency. Never get close to any water that may have come into contact with your septic tank or other sewage systems and be sure to let SERVPRO technicians know that you suspect the floodwaters may be contaminated.

Chemical Mixtures
Many of our storm damage calls involve limited flooding due to a left-open window or door. While these situations usually are far less dangerous to deal with, they can still pose significant safety hazards if the water starts to mix with chemicals and contaminants that may be present inside your home. Most parts of your house should be safe from these concerns, but please let us know if you suspect that any dangerous substances have mixed with the floodwaters.

At SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County, we take the time and expenses necessary to ensure that our specialists are fully trained and certified to handle any type of flood damage disaster. Call us for any emergency 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

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How Our Flood Damage Specialists Deal With Foul Odors In Your Anoka Home

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

You can reach us 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

How To Combat Smells After Flood Damage In Your Anoka Residence

Flooding often occurs because of huge storms like hurricanes, but it can also happen after a small, localized event like a typical afternoon thunderstorm. If your house has existing damage like a broken window or missing shingles, large volumes of water can get into it, leading to costly destruction in its interiors. The water can ruin the ceiling, walls, flooring, and furniture, among other belongings in your home.

After a flood damages your Anoka home, you may also have to deal with foul odors. Floodwaters usually leave bad odors behind because they may contain sewage, freshly turned over mud, rotting plants, pesticides, animal droppings, and landscaping chemicals. The odors can remain in your house for weeks or months afterward, even after you have cleaned up the flooded areas.

Professional deodorization and restoration is the ideal way to combat the odors and ensure that they do not return. SERVPRO franchise experts have the equipment and expertise required to deal with the aftermath of a flood and eliminate the foul odor to make it “Like it never even happened.”

To deal with odors, it is critical to dry all parts of your property. Odors usually occur when wet materials are not completely dry. Our Applied Structural Drying Technicians (ASD) can use air moving and dehumidifying equipment to dry out any moisture we find in your house. Our technicians can also locate and remove other things that may be causing the odor such as:

• Dead organisms
• Trash
• Mold
• Dirt
• Porous furnishings

Since the odors may be coming from multiple sources, we use multiple deodorizing agents to eliminate them. For instance, we can use disinfectants and sanitizers to disinfect the affected area. Disinfecting the areas where the smell is emanating from can remove it without leaving traces of the scent behind. Our technicians can also use paring agents, which are products that combine with odor particles and cause them to fall into the surfaces being cleaned. Our SERVPRO crew may also use a hydroxyl generator to tackle the foul odors. This machine is safe to use in occupied areas for deodorization purposes.

When in need of odor removal services after a flood damages your house, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County for help. With years of experience, our technicians can eliminate the lingering odors effectively. You can reach us 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

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Dodge Flooding Issues In Your Anoka Home With Help From Our Experts!

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on repairs and restorations after flood damage strikes your home.

Avoid Problems Later By Handling Anoka Flood Damage Now

Sometimes, light flood damage may seem easy to deal with or benign. Seeing the situation right after a storm rolls through may paint an inaccurate picture of a mostly unharmed and slightly wet interior of your home. However, many of the worst problems associated with flood damage come days or weeks after the accident, and these problems can cost thousands of dollars to reverse and repair. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster to make sure that we can mitigate as much damage as possible while setting up a recovery plan to avoid these major consequences.

Foul Odors
Depending on how much flood damage hit your Anoka home and how clean the water was, your home may be completely odorless during and right after the disaster. However, as time goes on, odors are likely to form and pervade throughout the house. Drying water quickly helps to avoid most bad smells associated with flood damage, but when odors still creep their way into your home, SERVPRO technicians use heavy-duty thermal fogging machines to provide an extensive and thorough odor removal treatment for the entire structure.

Warped Carpeting and Floorboards
Most flooring materials do not start to bend and warp when they get wet. However, once these soaked materials start to dry out, they can bend and twist into uneven and unsightly shapes. Depending on the situation, we may need to replace some flood-damaged flooring materials, especially when the floodwaters may have been unclean. When possible, however, we can apply several restorative treatments to save the materials of your home.

Structural Damage
Some floods can cause damage to the foundation and supporting elements of your home. These issues can be challenging to detect and predict early on but may cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair later. A professional damage restoration job helps to ensure that critical structural elements of your home stay monitored and free of damage after a flood.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on repairs and restorations after flood damage strikes your home. Call us 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

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When It Comes To Flood Damage Restoration In Anoka, We Are Your Best Option!

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

For the complete restoration of flood-damaged property, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 to help.

Concluding Restoration Of Flood Damage In Anoka Is Easier With Professional Assistance

Floods leave considerable damages in the affected property including soiling and structural issues when building materials absorb water. Taking immediate steps to remedy the problem should restore the preloss state. However, in the haste to fix the problem, it is possible to leave some issues unaddressed leading to secondary damages or repetition of some tasks. We offer professional flood damage mitigation in Anoka helping homeowners avoid such outcomes.

Proper extraction of water helps when fixing flood damage in Anoka since floodwaters easily migrate to different sections of the property. Some of the water flows out as the floods recede and it is easy to extract the standing water. However, some water remains trapped in cavities like cabinets, walls and other parts of the structure, which can cause rotting, mold and other secondary problems. Our SERVPRO technicians use state of the art equipment such as injectidry systems and drying mats to remove water trapped in cavities. We also open up such spaces by making flood cuts or drilling vent holes to release water or reach wet materials.

Thoroughly cleaning up of areas soiled by the flooding is an integral part of the restoration process. Since floodwaters deposit mud, silt and other debris in the affected property, cleaning can take longer than you would expect. Our SERVPRO technicians use shovels and other simple tools to remove silt and mud. We then use pressure washers, scrubbers, buffers and polishing machines to clean and finish surfaces ensuring the property attains sanitary levels.

Thorough drying of flood-damaged properties helps complete the restoration process. However, it is possible to leave traces of moisture in wet materials necessitating further mitigation steps in the future. Our SERVPRO technicians use different moisture detection equipment to check moisture levels. We use moisture sensors with probes to establish the presence of moisture and moisture sensors to check changes in moisture levels during drying. FLIR thermal cameras also help us check for wetness in concealed areas ensuring thorough drying.

For the complete restoration of flood-damaged property, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 to help. We are available 24/7.

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Flooding In Your Coon Rapids Home Can Be A Category 3 Water Loss Situation

3/3/2019 (Permalink)

Give us a call at (763) 712-9712.

Why Flooding Is A Category 3 Water Loss For Coon Rapids Homes

When creeks and streams rise due to heavy rainfall and oversaturation throughout the Coon Rapids region, homes throughout our service area become susceptible to flooding. While this event can prove traumatic enough for many properties, deeming these emergencies as a Category 3 water loss incident requires a unique approach and precautionary measures for professional restoration technicians dispatched to your address following the emergency.

Many homeowners do not realize that flood damages incidents in Coon Rapids can get isolated into three different categories to both assess potential risk but also to determine the actions required to restore the home entirely. With rising bodies of water, the potential for contamination from bacteria, sewage, chemicals, and other substances is high. Natural flooding like this always gets deemed a Category 3, or black water, situation. Recovering your home after an incident like this requires a fast response from our trained SERVPRO professionals.

The first step for our team when we arrive at your home and inspect the property for damages is to set up our extraction equipment. We have various tools and machines that can offer fast extraction solutions to remove this contaminated water quickly from the exposed areas of your home. Once this water has gotten removed, we can assess the spread of the water damage and saturation for materials within the damaged areas to earmark structural elements for necessary demolition.

Materials like drywall and most flooring materials must get removed when exposed to floodwater in a Category 3 loss, and removing these damaged materials gets done carefully to not contaminate unaffected areas of your property throughout the demolition process.

While no homeowner wants to hear about demolition being a requirement to restore their home after a flood, it is the only way to ensure that bacteria and other contaminants do not persist and cause health effects or other concerns for those living in the house. If you experience flooding in your property, you can count on our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County for a fast response and effective mitigation to limit demolition and save you money. Give us a call at (763) 712-9712.

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SERVPRO's Restoration Process for Your Floods Damaged Your New Brighton Residence

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is ready to help restore your home after flood events.

Options That New Brighton Residents Have When They Face Flood Damage  

One of the worst nightmares that any homeowner can experience is flood damage. Such unfortunate incidents occur due to unfavorable weather conditions, and no matter how prepared you are, you may end up being affected in one way or the other. There are specific processes and procedures that restorers follow when restoring your property. We are going to list some of the services we offer to residents of New Brighton when such stressing events occur.
When our SERVPRO technicians are attending to your New Brighton home after a flood damage incident, the first step that we undertake is evaluating the safety of the building before re-entering can take place. During the evaluation process, we check out for the various types of structural damage. We make sure all electrical circuits are turned off from the mains since water is a good conductor of electricity. We also inspect whether there are cracks on the walls, floors, and whether the structure has the required stability. Once we have addressed the significant safety concerns, it is time to perform emergency flood cleanup procedures.
After re-entering your property, our SERVPRO technicians document all the damage. The information is very vital since your insurance provider can use it to offer the necessary compensation. We can take photos of your damaged furniture, different areas of the building, and all your belongings. If it is necessary to perform a move-out before the cleaning process can start, we can help you do it. Usually, homeowners with more documentation stand better chances of being fairly compensated.
Our SERVPRO team understands the need to quickly dry and clean your property to prevent secondary damage and the growth of molds, which can cause health effects. We use pumps to remove any standing water, put in place dehumidifiers to absorb excess moisture from the surrounding air, and set-up fans to enhance the drying process. After cleaning the affected areas, we perform deodorization to neutralize odor-causing particles.
SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County has the know-how and resources to clean and restore your home or business facing flood damage. Contact us by calling (763) 712-9712 to get a quote and get your questions answered.

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Our Flood Damage Experience Makes Us An Excellent Choice For Homeowners In Columbia Heights

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

The amount of damage done to a house during a flood in Columbia Heights depends significantly on high how the water rose.

Changes That Often Occur In Homes After Sustaining Flood Damage In Columbia Heights

The amount of damage done to a house during a flood in Columbia Heights depends significantly on high how the water rose. Because a flood carries about the same amount of contamination into homes regardless of how high the water reaches, the flooring receives the worst of the damage. Many times, flooring specialists must replace carpeting and designer wood floors.

A home in Columbia Heights with flood damage often faces other challenges to its restoration. SERVPRO technicians work hard to ensure that we resolve all of these so your home genuinely becomes just “Like it never even happened” quickly. Flood damage can become a source of stress and anxiety for homeowners who only want to get everything back to how they remember things and move forward with their lives. We help this happen by working rapidly, communicating with our customers, and checking our progress with a variety of different devices.

One of these devices is a small instrument that detects how much moisture any particular material holds. Moisture meters can check for moisture in drywall, but after a flood, we must replace any materials that came into contact with the water. Because evaporation happens steadily after a flood and continues until we remove the water, other areas with porous materials inside your residence readily absorb this water vapor.

Not only can this extra humidity increase the amount of odor, but it can also cause drywall to soften and also help mold start growing. We use moisture meters throughout your home to ensure that everything becomes dry evenly, without any forgotten damp areas.

Infrared thermal imaging instruments help us locate areas with increased amounts of moisture. These scanning instruments become helpful when roofs leak and let in rain or snow. Walls may seem dry when you touch them with your hand, and the paint or wallpaper can seem flawless even with elevated moisture content.

Doors, cabinets, dressers, and windows made of wood or wood products can swell in the presence of excess water vapor. As we dry out your house and mitigate the flood damage, these problems may lessen naturally. We can alleviate the problem when the condition of these structures and furnishings do not improve.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County can help you and your family with the complicated changes your home faces after flood damage occurs. We address more than just the water that invaded your home. We fully mitigate so restoration can begin as soon as possible. If your home in Ham Lake, Arden Hills, or Andover suffers from a flood, call us at (763) 712-9712. We are always here for you, every day of the year.

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Flood Damage Technicians In Arden Hills Talk About Problems With Lightning

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

Damages from lightning can strike at any moment. Count on SERVPRO for flood damage restoration

If your home is affected by flood damage, rely on SERVPRO for help

Many elements created during a thunderstorm in Arden Hills can produce problems with your property. High-speed winds and excessive amounts of rain can cause flood damage to your home. Some storms form hail that can ruin roofs and sometimes even break windows. Most thunderstorms create lightning that can get very dangerous if it strikes the ground. If lightning hits your house during a storm, it can cause structural issues that can lead to flood damage happening to the interior of your residence.

When a lightning strike hits your property, it can create holes to exist in your structure. If a hole in the exterior of your house gets formed by lightning during a storm in Arden Hills, flood damage is likely to take place. The rain coming from the storm can pour into your home from the hole created by the lightning strike. Excessive moisture in the interior of your dwelling can ruin both your building materials and contents.

Therefore, lightning can create two different types of problems in your home. First off, the area where the lightning struck may have to be rebuilt entirely. Lightning strikes can cause damage to roof trusses, walls, and drywall. Our SERVPRO technicians might have to remove a certain amount of building materials so that reconstruction can occur.

In most cases, our SERVPRO crew must temporarily seal off your structure where the lightning hit. We can board up holes in the exterior and use heavy-duty plastic to seal off the building so that no more water enters. Once moisture is stopped from further entering your home, we begin mitigating problems associated with wet items.

Moisture sitting inside a building can cause more and more issues the longer it sits there. Our SERVPRO team always works quickly first to extract all of the moisture out as we possibly can. Next, we set up air movers and dehumidifiers to rapidly dry out your structural components so that mold growth cannot occur. After all unwanted moisture is removed from your home, we can then begin the reconstruction phase that will put your home back to preloss conditions.

If your house ever gets hit by lightning, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 immediately after it happens.

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Overflowing Catch Basins Can Lead To Flood Damages In Your Arden Hills Home

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding is a disaster that no homeowner can prepare for and ward off.

Overflowing Catch Basins Can Lead To Flood Damage

Culvert systems throughout the community serve to move rainwater and overflow throughout underground pathways. The idea is to keep roadways from overflowing with heavy precipitation and in some cases, aid the sewer system to flow better to the treatment facility. Unfortunately, for as good as this system can be for your Arden Hills community, they are very susceptible to failures.

One of the first things that you can see with culvert systems and storm drains is their large grate coverings. With wide holes, a lot of debris and accumulation can build up in the catch basin and ultimately block off the drain. The result of this occurrence is overflows of the culvert basins, allowing for high volumes of water to potentially cause flood damages to your Arden Hills home.

While our SERVPRO team gets well equipped to help you contend with flood damages to your home, these situations are often unpredictable. Even in situations that do not even accumulate enough for flash flooding or water overflow in creek beds and rivers, a clogged catch basin cannot redirect even moderate volumes of water safely away from your home.

If you happen to live at a lower elevation to the basin itself, water takes the path of least resistance to begin rushing through your property. This occurrence immediately exposes and vulnerabilities that your home's exterior might have in its foundation. Small cracks or eroded areas of the mortar between the blocks can be enough for water to pass through and penetrate the lower levels of your house.

Within a brief period, while the storm is still active outside your house, several inches of water can accumulate on the floor of your basement or first level of your home. Our SERVPRO team can help you to remove this water and correct the damages that it has caused.

Flooding is a disaster that no homeowner can prepare for and ward off. While you can appreciate the importance of culvert systems and catch basins throughout your community, when these pathways fail, it can spell a great deal of trouble for your home. If you experience this kind of event in your residence, give our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County team of restoration specialists a call. SERVPRO is available anytime that you need us at (763) 712-9712.

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Minimizing Flood Damage in Columbia Heights

6/17/2018 (Permalink)

When flooding brings many inches of water into your home, your best bet is to contact the certified technicians at SERVPRO for remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Effectively Dry Out Your Flooded Property

Despite good weather forecasting, storms and flooding still surprise Columbia Heights residents and homeowners. No matter how often our city prepares for it, that first sign of water coming over the driveway and into the house is a shocking one.
That does not mean neighborhoods have to sit and wait for flood damage in Columbia Heights to go away, however. SERVPRO Restoration maintains an on-call response team to move in and minimize the damage to flooded homes quickly.
Our teams start with a series of pumps to remove standing water. Depending on the size of the home, they can bring in a small, portable pump, or use a truck-mounted pump that can provide its electricity if local power has been knocked out.
As technicians bring down the water, other SERVPRO specialists lift property out of the water and place it on blocks or pallets in the garage or another part of the home. Next, they install exhaust fans in the area to increase air circulation. They do this to allow water to run off the property and to speed up the drying process without causing any secondary damage to the furniture and other items.
With the standing water removed and property out of the way, our technicians begin drawing water out of carpets and wood floors using water extraction wands. Team members can adjust the vacuum speed of these devices to remove trapped water without damaging the nape of the carpet or the surface of the floorboards. The wands also have a heating element, so our personnel can also begin the drying process as well.
As they dry the carpets and floors, other specialists examine floor trim and walls for water. Drywall is an excellent building material, but the panels rapidly soak up water. If left untreated, the material begins to dissolve, and panels can crumble right off the wall framing. Response teams remove the trim and place air movers along the walls to force warm air over the surface. It shortens drying time and prevents permanent damage. If needed, they also drill small holes in the panels behind the floor trim to increase circulation and force warm air into the wall cavity to dry it.
The goal for SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is reducing the damage from a flood and to return each home to its original condition. With the right information, our team can arrive and begin the process of returning your family to a dry, safe environment almost immediately. For more details or to call in a response team, call us at (763) 712-9712 today.

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Dead Trees Can Cause Flood Damages To Your Anoka Residence

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO professionals have gotten specially trained in flood damage restoration.

Dead Trees Can Cause Flood Damage

Your Anoka home might not always see the worst weather imaginable year round, but it does see its fair share of severe storms that pass through. While your home might get constructed to withstand some of the harsh winds and heavy rainfall that come along with strong storm systems rolling through the region, it was never built to withstand the weight and force of falling limbs from trees (not to mention the entire tree itself).

The trouble with circumstances and weather systems that can knock down trees, beyond the obvious structural damage it can cause, is the possibility of flood damage to your Anoka residence. With wide gashes and punctured holes in the roof of your house, or through the siding on its exterior, you now have clear pathways for heavy rainfall to pour into your house rather than get diverted from it as it usually would. All of these circumstances can happen simultaneously, offering you little time to think about what to do next, so it is a good thing to know whom you can trust in a situation like this to help you restore the damage and prevent it from getting worse.

Our SERVPRO professionals have gotten specially trained in flood damage restoration. From the moment that our team arrives at your home, we prioritize sealing up the holes and punctures that permitted water to pour into your house. While these areas need repair, it initially prevents further structural damage to seal these points off with tarps and boards to keep new water out of the affected areas of your home.

Circumstances like this often leave your attic taking the brunt of the flood damage, and depending on the time before professional restoration could begin, might have spread to adjoining areas of your home through the floors. Extraction is a priority in these circumstances, as the pooled water otherwise finds a path to keep moving through your home, and widespread damage can prove costly and difficult to restore. Thoroughly drying the area with drying mats and air movers can prevent the water from affecting areas like your ceilings below the attic.

You might not have anticipated the damage that a single tree can do to your home, but fortunately, you have SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to help you through the restoration process. You can reach our emergency response team 24/7 by calling (763) 712-9712.

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Taking Precaution After Flood Damage In Your Oak Park Home

1/31/2018 (Permalink)

If your home in Oak Park is in a high-risk area for floods, you might not be able to prevent flooding and flood damage entirely.

Taking Precautions After A Flood

Flooding can happen in Oak Park when existing drainage systems have too much water runoff overwhelming them. In areas where the sewer system also acts as a stormwater drainage system, water can back up through sewer pipelines. Rainwater can also enter buildings through windows, doors, other openings, or even racks in the foundation.

If your home in Oak Park is in a high-risk area for floods, you might not be able to prevent flooding and flood damage entirely. When your home has experienced flooding, you need professional help to ensure your home is dried out again correctly and to try and salvage your possessions. SERVPRO has experience and training for flood damage, along with the right tools to clean it all up.

When your house has been damaged by storms, it could pose hazards for you and us. Floods create significant damage to a structure. If your house has been exposed to water for an extended period, materials like drywall and flooring may weaken. A situation like this creates a hazard for all. We check for structural hazards before we proceed with water mitigation and restoration. We make sure to keep you and your family out as well until we know the structure is safe.

We must check for other things as well, such as gas. If we smell any, we leave right away and contact your local gas company or fire department. If any water has entered from above, we look for water in the ceiling cavities which is trapped. Ceilings can fall from softened drywall. We drill holes in the ceiling to allow any trapped water to come out.

We also examine any wet subflooring, as particleboard floors which are exposed to water might not be able to support people or our machines. Any exposed nails, broken glass, splinters, or other sharp objects could be present in your home as well, so we always watch our step and what we are picking up.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County takes everyone’s safety seriously, so before we begin flood damage remediation in your home in Andover, Anoka, or Zimmerman, we take every necessary precaution. Give us a call right away at (763) 712-9712 if your home has experienced flooding.

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Remediating Oak Park Flood Damage

12/29/2017 (Permalink)

The primary source of flood damage in Oak Park is the standing water.

Remediating Flood Damage

Too much rainfall can harm every home, and that has certainly been the case for Oak Park this year. If the rain swells streams and creeks, what was minor damage can quickly run into thousands of restoration and replacement costs.

The primary source of flood damage in Oak Park is the standing water. The longer it stays in place means higher restoration costs. Removing it lowers the costs, but it does not eliminate them. SERVPRO restoration teams do that by removing all moisture from the structure, the property inside, and the air inside the home. To lower the humidity, our technicians have two system options: Closed or Open.

The Closed system is usually the best choice for smaller homes. We seal the affected rooms from the outside air and the rest of the house. In most cases, we can cover all entry and exit points with plastic sheeting. The machine we use here is a dehumidifier. Depending on how high the moisture content is, each one we put in place can draw up to 25 gallons of water from the air each day. If the heating system is available, we slowly increase the temperature, so we do not inadvertently increase the humidity.

The Open system is the SERVPRO preferred method for larger homes and commercial facilities. We open up the doors and windows and use air movers to force warm, dry air throughout the home. At the same time, we place large fans at the entrances and exits to draw out the cooler, damp air inside the house. To effectively use the Open system, we need higher temperatures and lower humidity levels outside the home. That limits our use to the warmer months of the year.

The Open system works faster than the Closed option, but it does have certain drawbacks. We need more technicians to monitor the additional equipment and keep an eye on the home since it is more vulnerable to vandalism and theft. If the weather turns bad suddenly, as it occasionally does in Minnesota, we have to either stop operations or change to the Closed option.

Remediating flood damage in your home only starts with pumping out the water. Finishing the task and returning your home to its original state requires a professional company. If you us, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 today.

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Gutter Inspections Can Reduce Flood Damages To Your Andover Residence

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

While a functioning system can remove excess water from the base of your Andover home, flood damages result from gutters that are failing.

Gutter Inspections Can Lessen Flood Damage

There are times where flooding just cannot be prevented, as the rising water reaches areas that many believed could not be affected. As uncommon as this is, there is a far more likely scenario that allows your Andover home to be a flooding victim during heavy storms when other neighborhood houses remain dry. This suggested scenario is a direct reflection of the upkeep of your house and your gutter system.

Your home's gutters are designed to take the water rolling off of your roof and move it away from the foundation and other structural strong points of your house. Proper installation is done by setting the gutter at a pitch, forcing the water to move naturally into downspouts located in strategic spots throughout the design. While a functioning system can remove excess water from the base of your Andover home, flood damages result from gutters that are failing.

It is not at all uncommon for your gutters to pull apart or break down over time. An inspection of these connections and fittings on a regular basis can help to keep you ahead of the potential trouble. The most common issue when these systems fail is a clog. This just forces the water to pool in the tray until it spills over. The failure allows a great deal of water to penetrate the area around the foundation, and any weak points where water can get through the walls are exposed.

We at SERVPRO have seen all manner of flooding throughout the years, and this scenario remains a common threat to homes. The best thing that a homeowner can do to prevent it is to visually inspect your system for clogs, ensuring that water can freely make its way to the downspout and away from your house.

When flooding is just starting, you should not hesitate to contact SERVPRO and put our team to work. Your fast reaction times can help to prevent substantial losses, and allow our team the opportunity to keep up with the water and solve the problem in real time. Starting restoration immediately is the most efficient way to save your belongings and the incurred costs or claims against the resulting flood damages.

Do not wait to call us. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is available 24/7, and you can reach any of our emergency response professionals at (763) 712-9712.

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Flood Damage Handled in Ham Lake

10/8/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding can be devastating. Contact SERVPRO after a storm so that we can commence the remediation process and help prevent secondary damage.

Our Technicians Methodically Remediate Storm Damage in Your Home

Extraordinary rainfall totals result in flooding even if your home is not on a traditional floodplain. Flash floods are not uncommon in Ham Lake during the spring, summer, or fall, and can damage your basement or walk out lower level. Our crews are familiar with the devastation these heavy storms inflict and have the equipment and the work crews ready to put your flood-damaged home to rights.
Strong storms pounded your home, causing flood damage to your Ham Lake basement. After several days of rain, the ground surrounding your home became saturated, allowing some water to seep inside, handled by your sump pump system. The last line of storms dropped several inches over just an hour or two, and your lower level is now several inches underwater, and the sump pump is overwhelmed.
SERVPRO offers that extra help even the best-prepared homeowner needs when weather patterns smash records and leave devastation in their wake. Because of your sump system, you felt confident in using part of your basement for living space. Now the decor and furnishings are soaked with flood waters, and we pledge to help you determine what items dry out and restore well, and what possessions you must consider discarding.
Our crew assists in a pack up and move out so the flooded area can be restored without the clutter of soaked possessions. If you have an attached or detached garage or other protected areas on your property, we move items there. SERVPRO also takes items like documents and pictures to specialists who use freeze-drying techniques to save your treasures and important papers. Our team carefully inventories what we remove and consults with you concerning the likelihood particular items can survive the flood, so you make informed decisions.
We also pump and extract water in the affected area before drying and sanitizing. Our trained technicians ensure HVAC systems, water heaters, appliances, and other mechanics in the flooded spaces are inspected by appropriate experts before further use and that any needed repairs and a thorough drying with air movers and dehumidifiers are completed.
When the “storm of the century” inundates your home, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is there to help you sort out issues that face you after the flood. Our scheduling staff can be reached 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

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Protect Against Future Storm Damage In Andover

8/25/2017 (Permalink)

If your home has taken damage from a storm in the past, it might be a good idea to start safeguarding your belongings against future catastrophes.

Storm Damage Protection

If your Andover home has taken damage from major storms in the past, it might be a good idea to start safeguarding your belongings against future catastrophes. These quick improvements are inexpensive, require minimal time to set up, and might make many thousands of dollars' difference should lightning (and the rest of the storm) strike twice.

Waterproof Containers
The easiest way to safeguard small objects and electronics against flood damage in your Andover home is to keep them in inexpensive waterproof containers. In most cases, a simple plastic barrier against water is enough to protect even sensitive and valuable items from floodwaters. Be sure to label these boxes, as it makes our inventory and organization process much quicker and easier.

Keep Electronics Off The Ground
Electronics are often the first and most expensive items to go in a major storm, and yet much of the financial loss we typically see with these items can be prevented with a bit of preparation. Keep electronics off the ground, but not so high as to topple over easily. While it is difficult to protect these items from more violent flooding, lighter damage does not have to create a major financial loss if you do not let it.

Seal Up Cracks
Even when your home appears to stand fast against the raging storm, water damage may silently work its way in, creating problems without your knowledge until it is too late. Cracks and leaks in your home exterior allow water to seep in and create problems with mold, oxidation, and dissolution behind walls and below floorboards. Checking for and repairing leaks and cracks might just save you a call to SERVPRO down the road.

Keep Windows Shut
When it is nice outside, some people just can't resist the chance to open up a window and let air into the home. While this is healthy and enjoyable, it is important to close windows back up later or when clouds begin to roll in. If it starts raining hard while a window has been left open, you may suddenly be liable for thousands in damages.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is ready to help restore your home after any major storm. Once the weather has passed, you can guarantee our staff is on-hand and prepared for the worst. Call us 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

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Strike Back Against Flood Damage On Your Andover Property

4/28/2017 (Permalink)

If a flood damage incident strikes your Andover area home, seek help immediately.

Flood Damage

Water is a life-saving resource that humanity simply cannot live without, even in the most basic example, it is essential for life. However, somewhere along the line water also became a hazard, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting homeowners and leaving many wondering what to do.

If a flood damage incident strikes your Andover area home, seek help immediately. Your decisions after an event can make the difference between total loss or ensuring a safe, efficient restoration of your property. Remember to act fast; time is a crucial factor in your homes recovery.

If local authorities have determined that your property is once again safe to enter, you should notify your insurance company, and contact a professional restoration company for help. Avoid attempting any actions yourselves; without the proper training you may end up hurting more than you help. Don't take risks with the safety and protection of your family. Your property contains a variety of hazards that you may not be aware of after a flood, and with help on the way, there is simply no reason for you to take the risk.

Contacting a quality restoration company, like SERVPRO, means that you gain access to IICRC professionally certified restoration technicians with years of experience handling situations just like yours. They know what to do, or what not to do, to maintain a safe working environment, so leave the heavy lifting and risk taking to the professionals. SERVPRO also offers a readiness app online that gives you access to communications with your local restoration office, a way to share pertinent information, log lost or damaged items, and prepare paperwork for your insurance claim process. It is just one way that we help improve your restoration experience and serves as a key tool in getting things back to normal fast.

SERVPRO is available for you 24/7 year round. SERVPRO makes it a point to discuss your concerns and explain each of the services we plan to use for your restoration. If you have any inquiries at any time before, during, or after your restoration team performs on your home, all you need to do is contact us for an answer. Give SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County the opportunity to provide you with one-stop resources in managing the flooding event happening on your property. We are here to help (763) 712-9712.

Practice, Planning, And Communication To Survive Storm Damage In Andover

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Andover Residents Be Prepared for Flooding

Floods and Water Damage Happen: Be Prepared

A major storm encompasses the entire area that you live, and your home is about to be caught up in a major storm that can cause significant damages to your property.

You may think that you have thought of everything you possibly could to protect your Andover home from receiving storm damage during the current weather system. However, we have a few things you should keep in mind to prevent possible hazards and additional damage.
Always practice communication between family members in dangerous situations. Your first thoughts should be about getting you and your family safely out of the affected area. Work in combination with local media and authorities to keep up to date on all storm warnings. It has been our experience at SERVPRO, that text tends to get through more often than voice calls, use this to your advantage.
If you are unable to get to safety, knowing first aid or emergency medical actions could save lives, so, take a first-aid class and practice the skills so that you know what to do when faced with this kind of situation. The Red Cross certifies over 3 million people every year for emergency preparedness.
All of our SERVPRO technicians live in the area too; we find it smart to store some emergency supplies to assist in the survivability of our families. If you get caught somewhere, you should have an emergency "Go Bag" ready with essential items and plan your evacuation ahead of time with each member of your family. On the way out the door, remember any prescriptions, valuable documents, and personal items you may need, as well as clothing, food, and water for each member of your family. Do not forget other essential items, including a first aid kit, cash, phones, phone chargers, and valuable items that are easy to carry.
At SERVPRO we find that it helps to discuss the possibility of this kind of situation with your family, friends, and neighbors. It helps everyone involved if we share information and help each other prepare for disasters properly. During events like this, communication is invaluable, knowing the location of every member of your family and working as a team saves valuable time and prevents needless hazards from developing.
Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids - Central Anoka County for additional information for hazard prevention and safety, today. (763) 712-9712

Safety Advice During Heavy Storms in Andover

12/4/2016 (Permalink)

Stay safe during a flood. Afterwards, call the technicians at SERVPRO to assess and remediate!

SERVPRO can Remediate your Storm Damaged Property

Serious storm damage can take a toll on your home, but safety for its occupants should always be your first priority. SERVPRO has seen multiple unfortunate cases where homeowners try to protect their property at risk to themselves, and the injuries that came with those mistakes. Staying safe during a major storm is no laughing matter, and if it comes down to it, you should always prioritize your life and health over that of your home. After all, professionals like SERVPRO can reverse the damage to your home, but a lost life can never be restored.
Stay on the Second Floor
Any storm damage to an Andover home that involves flooding will hit the first floor long before the second making those upper floors a much safer place than down below. If your home does have two floors, or perhaps an attic, staying elevated could save you from serious injury if the storm brings in flood waters. If your home has a single floor, try to find a secure spot, and make sure any basements are vacant.
Stay Away from Running Water
Although most modern homes have sufficient protection from lightning, it is best to try to keep your use of running water to a minimum during a thunderstorm. This includes bathing, showering, and even usage of the sink. Ideally, you should have some bottled water around in case of an emergency.
Pack Away Breakables
If you have received a flood warning or know one is inbound, taking a few minutes to get breakable objects up high and in a secure position could save money on restorations and someone in the house from future injury. If objects are allowed to break, they can create cutting hazards, and with the unclean waters of a flood, these can lead to serious infection.
SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County has years of experience dealing with flooding and other heavy water damage, and is ready to respond at all hours should you need us. Just give us a call at (763) 712-9712.

Facing Flood Damage In St. Francis

10/30/2016 (Permalink)

Storm damage can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to help!

Quick Storm Damage Response Can Prevent Secondary Damage

The St. Francis area can experience significant amounts of rainfall during spring, summer and autumn storms. When the ground becomes saturated with daily rains and even more precipitation is forecast, the result can be damaging basement flooding in your home. If your house is near the Rum River, the increased rainfall can also put your lower level at risk when it rises due to snow melt or heavy rains. Whether from the river rising, seepage because of waterlogged soil or from improperly draining gutters and downspouts, SERVPRO can help you solve serious problems that can follow when your basement fills with inches of water and or is persistently damp as one storm follows another.
If you are a victim of flood damage in St. Francis, you need a water damage restoration company that responds quickly and has the trained staff and equipment necessary to handle all aspects of your home disaster. We can pump out your basement within hours of contact and then work with you and your insurer on a plan to thoroughly dry and restore the structure, interior, mechanical systems and personal possessions. Using our full-service restoration company gives you an instant feeling of relief as our technicians have all the tools necessary to take your soaked basement back to pre-flood condition.
Basements can be bare bones staging areas for your heating system and laundry area, or they can contain living areas, bedrooms, and storage. No matter what function your basement serves for your family you can be confident SERVPRO will assess your situation carefully and create a plan to recover those functions. After the water is removed, we will move on to restoring or replacing damaged plaster or sheetrock and ceilings. We are the expert in flooring restoration, including concrete, tile, hardwood, laminate, and carpeting. Your heating and cooling systems, appliances and electronics will be inspected to ensure they can be used without risk or proper repair or replacement will be arranged. You can count on us to personalize the restoration process, consulting with you as we review options for restoration or replacement of structural components and furnishings. Our pledge to you is to be fast, thorough and always compassionate as we help you and your family move through this disaster.
When the water rises in your St. Francis home, put panic on the back burner and call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County. Dial (763) 712-9712 24/7 to schedule a same day appointment and relax knowing we are committed to solving your flood damage issues.

Flood Damage can be Costly: Here are a Few Tips on How to Decrease Your Losses

8/21/2016 (Permalink)

Flood damage can be devastating. Call SERVPRO and we'll respond quickly and get you back into your house!

Fast Thinking and Simple Actions Can Protect Valuables in Your Home

Floods are occurring more often in the USA than they have before. These floods arise from not only melting snows in the spring but also from heavy downpours of rainfall, even in winter. In some locations, flash floods have cost numerous people their lives, in addition to creating general havoc, loss of business income, inventory, and jobs, as well as homes and businesses themselves have been lost.

Hopefully, Coon Rapids residents will never see extensive flood damage like what has recently been endured across the USA, but it's always better to know who to call when flooding ever does happen. A fast response to flooding can decrease the amount of flood damage and reduce losses, as well as the costs of repairing and restoring flood-damaged structures and other items.

If you know heavy rainfall will be headed your way, move your most valuable items to an upper floor, if possible. If there is no upper level available, place those items that can be damaged the most easily, but are lightweight, up on top of taller dressers or even inside of cabinets that are near the ceiling. Other items, such as TV sets, might be able to be placed on lower dressers. All food that is not refrigerated or frozen should be moved to a higher location. Food cans and jars cannot be cleaned well enough to obtain proper food safety levels after being exposed to flood water.

After flood waters have receded, you need to call a company that is experienced in all stages of restoring flood damaged properties. SERVPRO has a local office in Coon Rapids but has access to resources at a national level. We are trained according to IICRC standards and are certified in all stages of restoring flood-damaged homes and businesses.

We start with water extraction, and then begin to sanitize and clean while others begin the drying process. Furniture restoration can keep your replacement costs low, and not only includes cleaning of the exterior upholstery but also the interior padding and foam that is often found in upholstered chairs, couches, and other items. Drapes and other textiles can be cleaned at our site, and carpets will be cleaned and sanitized, then inspected to ensure they do not need to be replaced instead. Carpets, because of their location and purpose, are often hit the worst in a flood. While we do our best to preserve it, many carpets do need to be replaced in order to protect residents and others who will spend time in carpeted rooms. Area rugs can be cleaned at our location, however.

Part of the problem with flood water is that it can contain the worst in contamination. Not only does flood water often contain chemical waste from roads and streets, but it can also contain industrial run-off that was drained into area rivers. Sewage run-off should be another concern. At SERVPRO, we've had extensive training in actually dealing with this kind of flood water and can eliminate much of the risk these contaminants can pose to you and your family.

Sanitizing your home or business can continue through the drying process. Drying must be complete so that secondary water damage does not become a reality. This can include rotting of internal wood beams, mold growth, and warped and splintering wood features in your home. Preventing secondary damage is another way to save on costs – prevention is always less time-consuming and also less costly than dealing with subsequent secondary damage at a later date.

When floods hit your home or business, make sure you deal with it aggressively. Call us, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 and we will help you through the entire process. We want to return your home to pre-flood condition, “Like it never even happened.”

How to prepare for a flood and it's aftermath in your Coon Rapids home

8/16/2015 (Permalink)

If there is any amount of flood damage whatsoever, it is important to stay off the property


As the landscape around your Coon Rapids home continues to change due to natural causes such as wildfires and rainfall, it is important to continuously update one's flood preparation plans. Failing to prepare for a flood could not only mean expensive flood damage that will put a homeowner's finances at risk, it will also risk the safety and well-being of their family. This is why everyone should keep these flood preparation tips in mind and know exactly what to do after flood damage has occurred. 

Pay Attention to Local Threats
The first step should involve finding and accounting for local threats near your home. This includes any nearby streams or runoffs that could become problematic after a flood. Residents can also contact the local PD or municipal offices to see if there is a flood warning system that will make automatic calls or text messages. Finally, locals may want to invest in a scanner or scanning app to keep an eye out for real-time alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Prepare Your Property
Every few months, homeowners should go through their home and property to ensure that they are as prepared as possible for any flooding. This begins with cleaning out culverts, storm drains, and rain gutters from any debris that could clog them. Families may also want to contact specialist that can help them come up with more comprehensive solutions such as lifting the water heater off the ground, installing a sump pump, or redoing the roof. 

Prepare Your Family and Create a Disaster Kit
Every family that lives in a flood prone area should have a disaster plan and a stocked disaster kit that will last them for at least 72 hours. A disaster plan must cover information such as where vital documents are located and where the family should evacuate to. The kit should include medication, some food supplies, water, batteries, flashlights and copies of all important documentation such as insurance policies and birth certificates. 

What to Do After A Flood
Finally, families should consider what must be done after a flood takes place. If there is any amount of flood damage whatsoever, it is important to stay off the property until it has been cleared by local officials. If further damage such as a washed away road is noticed, a family must notify the local PD or sheriff immediately. From that point, a family will need to contact their insurance provider for emergency funds and to schedule a meeting with a claims adjuster. Once the flood has passed and the damage has been serveyed, call your local SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County - (763) 712-9712. They can make it, "Like it never even happened." 

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County is close by and ready to respond to your flood or storm damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the Coon Rapids community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

How To Prepare For A Flood in Blaine

5/26/2015 (Permalink)

Flood damage in Blaine can cause substantial damage. Prepare for flood damage with these tips.

America's most common natural disaster is floods. Experts estimate that floods cause $42,000 worth of damage per insurance claim. This means that Americans have spent around four billion dollars on flood damages within the past decade.

According to Livescience, the length and intensity of the rain event are the key factors that lead to a flood. However, a levee or dam breech can also lead to a flood. Regardless of what causes them, floods can result in serious damage. A flood can also be a nightmare for a homeowner.

Fortunately, you can prepare before flood damage in Blaine occurs by taking doing the following things:

1.) Be Informed

You should find out whether you live in a floodplain. Living in a floodplain not only means your area is more likely to flood, but the cost of flood insurance will also increase. If there is a flood warning or watch in your area, then you will need to make sure you stay tuned to the news.

2.) Stock Up

You should prepare yourself for a possible flood by stocking up on the things you need. A first aid kit, flashlight and hand-crank radio are a few of the necessary supplies. You will also need to have enough water, food and medication to last you a few days. Additionally, you should make copies of your deeds, insurance policies and other personal documents.

3.) Prepare To Leave

You should watch the news or listen to the radio for warning signs. You will also need to be prepared to leave if necessary. If there is a flood warning in your area, then you will need to move to higher ground. Try to avoid water. Even if the water is only a 1/2 foot high, you may still fall. If you are unable to escape the flood waters because you are in the car and driving, then you will need to get out of the car and move to a higher ground. Your car could be swept away in a flood.

4.) Wait It Out

Wait until the officials in your area say that it is safe to leave before you go back home. Check to see if every support is intact before you go in the house. Call 911 immediately if you notice a gas smell.

Wear protective clothing and remove every hazardous material, such as fuel containers, batteries and cleaning materials. You may have to have your water treated before consuming it or preparing food. Contact the health department in your area in order to make sure the water supply has not been contaminated.

It does not take much flood water to cause thousands of dollars in damages to a home. You can reduce the risk of serious damage by taking the precautions. 

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County has experience restoring homes affected by storms and flooding. We can respond immediately with highly trained technicians who employ specialized equipment and techniques to restore your home or business back to pre-storm condition. Our technicians are trained in clean up flooding, flood water damage, home flood damage, clean up flood damage, flood damage cleanup, residential cleaning services, serve pro restoration and surfpro water damage.

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