Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage – Coon Rapids Garage

Mold damage at this Coon Rapids Garage was the result of a leaky water line to a utility sink. The photo shows that a large patch of mold formed. When our technicians encounter a situation such as this, they would remove the sink and replace the drywall. The drywall would not be able to be salvaged due to being deeply infested and structurally compromised. They would treat the area with an antifungal agent before rebuilding the wall and replacing the sink.

Mold Growth and Damage in Coon Rapids

This wetted wall shows damage caused by the mold which took advantage of moisture from a leak. This removal was done with a HEPA filtered vacuum to limit the chance of mold dust and spores circulating to other areas of the house in Coon Rapids.

Oak Park Mold Infestation

This bank owned house developed a serious mold infestation because of lack of air circulation. The humid environment allowed these patches to flourish. We removed the damaged drywall material, applied an antifungal agent, closed up the affected area and left the finish to the bank contractor. Oak Park Mold Infestation

How Does Mold Look?

This wall in an Andover home is covered with several species of mold. These fungi grow when there is sufficient moisture, food source, and environmental conditions available. We cut out a portion of this wall to treat and then rebuild that section of the wall.

Mold Damage – Coon Rapids Bathroom

Mold Damage to this Coon Rapids bathroom was discovered during a remodeling update. The photo shows the infestation grew inside the wall and completely to the adjacent room. SERVPRO was called to remove the mold. We cut away the severely damaged portion of drywall to allow for treatment and drying inside the wall. The entire affected area was treated with and antimicrobial substance and readied for the finish work.

Mold Damage on Furniture in Anoka

Mold Damage occurs on furniture and the professionals at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids are trained to remove the mold. With the help of professional cleaning supplies and the knowledge of how to prevent the spread of the mold spores, the team at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids was able to clean this furniture. Call us for all of your mold damage needs. (763) 712-9712.