Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Anoka Water Damage

The water that soaked this carpet in an Anoka family room was at least clean, uncontaminated water with no threat of an immediate health hazard. Families with s... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids Office Building

Storm damage to this Coon Rapids office building resulted when the roof was damaged during a very severe thunderstorm. Portions of the roofing was torn away by ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids Home

Storm damage struck this Coon Rapids home when a strong band of thunderstorms carrying very high wind forced water under the front door into the interior of the... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids Home

Storm damage at this Coon Rapids home produced flooding throughout the home. There was standing water everywhere. The wood flooring in the pictured room was sev... READ MORE

Coon Rapids Storm Destroys Kitchen

The storm from the broken kitchen window dumped a considerable amount of rainwater into the kitchen and pantry of this house in Coon Rapids. The residents were ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids Retail Facility

Storm damage created very disastrous flooding in this Coon Rapids retail facility. The store management team was anxious to secure a contractor that could attac... READ MORE