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Andover Flood Cars Not from a Storm? Better Call SERVPRO for Rapid Water Removal

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Andover Flood Cars Not from a Storm? Better Call SERVPRO for Rapid Water Removal Commercial Water Loss in Andover? Picture SERVPRO as the Recovery Company to Call

Commercial Water Cleanup Experts in Andover Describe Various Extraction Tools

Water leaks can happen in your home as well as your auto mechanic shop in Andover. Over time appliances and waterpipes wear and eventually can malfunction and force you to deal with a commercial water cleanup situation. Plumbing supply system failures are the number one cause of moisture-related damage. These failures also cause 48% more damage on average than malfunctioning appliances or system material failures. When a pipe breaks the quicker the problem is resolved, the less your commercial water cleanup project will cost.
If the plumbing failure goes for a long time without being fixed, excessive water damage in an Andover shop can result. Moisture can ruin structural components inside your auto mechanic repair shop. Rusting of tools, inventory, and electronics can be costly to replace; why throw money away by delaying the water removal and drying processes? Our team at SERVPRO knows that reducing the loss of revenue due to a disaster is vital, so we strive to keep your doors open. Fast is better.
If needed, our SERVPRO technicians can complete all mitigation work during times when your business is closed. In other situations, we can conduct restoration operations a small section at a time so that part of your shop can stay open and your company can keep taking customers. Before any work begins at your place of business, we make sure your shop is safe for your workers and ours. Any potential dangers such as fall or slip hazards either get mitigated promptly, or the affected areas get blocked off until the issues can be resolved. No one wants to slip and fall into a pit.
After the work area is secure, our SERVPRO team begins the extraction process. We use either a truck-mounted or portable extractor depending on each situation. We then pick out an extraction tool to use depending on what type of material we are extracting moisture from. For your contents such as couches in your waiting room, we use a small handheld extraction tool. For saturated carpet inside your office or waiting area, we can use a weighted extraction unit that uses the weight of the operator to compress the carpet during extraction. Tiled floors get wet vacuumed, and even a mob and bucket help along with a squeegee.
If water pipes inside your mechanic shop ever leak call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 24/7.

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Our Flood Damage Experience Makes Us An Excellent Choice For Homeowners In Columbia Heights

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Flood Damage Experience Makes Us An Excellent Choice For Homeowners In Columbia Heights The amount of damage done to a house during a flood in Columbia Heights depends significantly on high how the water rose.

Changes That Often Occur In Homes After Sustaining Flood Damage In Columbia Heights

The amount of damage done to a house during a flood in Columbia Heights depends significantly on high how the water rose. Because a flood carries about the same amount of contamination into homes regardless of how high the water reaches, the flooring receives the worst of the damage. Many times, flooring specialists must replace carpeting and designer wood floors.

A home in Columbia Heights with flood damage often faces other challenges to its restoration. SERVPRO technicians work hard to ensure that we resolve all of these so your home genuinely becomes just “Like it never even happened” quickly. Flood damage can become a source of stress and anxiety for homeowners who only want to get everything back to how they remember things and move forward with their lives. We help this happen by working rapidly, communicating with our customers, and checking our progress with a variety of different devices.

One of these devices is a small instrument that detects how much moisture any particular material holds. Moisture meters can check for moisture in drywall, but after a flood, we must replace any materials that came into contact with the water. Because evaporation happens steadily after a flood and continues until we remove the water, other areas with porous materials inside your residence readily absorb this water vapor.

Not only can this extra humidity increase the amount of odor, but it can also cause drywall to soften and also help mold start growing. We use moisture meters throughout your home to ensure that everything becomes dry evenly, without any forgotten damp areas.

Infrared thermal imaging instruments help us locate areas with increased amounts of moisture. These scanning instruments become helpful when roofs leak and let in rain or snow. Walls may seem dry when you touch them with your hand, and the paint or wallpaper can seem flawless even with elevated moisture content.

Doors, cabinets, dressers, and windows made of wood or wood products can swell in the presence of excess water vapor. As we dry out your house and mitigate the flood damage, these problems may lessen naturally. We can alleviate the problem when the condition of these structures and furnishings do not improve.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County can help you and your family with the complicated changes your home faces after flood damage occurs. We address more than just the water that invaded your home. We fully mitigate so restoration can begin as soon as possible. If your home in Ham Lake, Arden Hills, or Andover suffers from a flood, call us at (763) 712-9712. We are always here for you, every day of the year.

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How Our Professionals Remove Foul Odors From Your Andover Property After A Fire

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial How Our Professionals Remove Foul Odors From Your Andover Property After A Fire We are a local franchise that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Removing Odors After Commercial Fire Damage For Businesses In Andover

Small-fires can often be contained easily enough, although the residues and odor left behind by smoke can make your business an unpleasant environment for your customers. Scrubbing away at thick, or oily, smoke residues can be counter-intuitive, spreading the affected area and causing further damage. Before cleaning and restoring your business, it is crucial to pre-test the type of smoke and soot left behind.

Dealing with commercial fire damage in Andover is a job best left to the professionals. At SERVPRO our technicians are trained in an IIRC approved center to learn the way smoke behaves. By learning the types, characteristics, and behaviors of smoke, we can provide a better service to the businesses in our communities.

No two fires are the same. The temperature of the fire, materials burned and the texture of the surfaces it comes into contact with are all contributing factors to the staining left behind. Wet smoke, created by burning synthetic materials, can leave behind a thick, oily residue as well as a powerful and unpleasant odor.

At SERVPRO we have the expertise and equipment to remedy your business. In most cases, this can be by wet cleaning the visible areas of damage. In other cases, we may use abrasive cleaning measures provided the surfaces are hardened and non-porous. Smoke travels by moving upward toward clean air. By working with this knowledge, we can help to find areas where smoke deposits reside undetected.

When it comes to clearing odors, our team can first look for the source. Air pockets or ventilation ducts are particularly at risk of smoke deposits. Using extendable cleaning equipment we can reach areas to rid your business of odorous staining and markings.

Once a SERVPRO project manager is satisfied that all areas of smoke build up have been removed and restored we can begin making your business habitable for your customers. Using powerful Ozone generators, industrial foggers and desiccant dehumidifiers in combination can help to neutralize lingering odors for good. Leaving your store, clean, fresh and ready for business.

We are a local franchise that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 for an immediate assessment and remediation service.

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WOW! Soot, Smoke, Fire Charring in an Andover Home! SERVPRO--The Cleanup and Restoration Solution

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage WOW! Soot, Smoke, Fire Charring in an Andover Home! SERVPRO--The Cleanup and Restoration Solution Andover Soot, Fire, and Smoke Damage to Toy Tractors? SERVPRO Cleans Structures and Vehicles, Large and Small!!

The Right Way to Clean Your Andover Property after a Fire Damage Incident

How prepared are you to deal with emergencies such as fire damage when they take place? As a property owner, you need to have a working game plan in place so that your operations are not brought to a standstill by such incidents. Now that this September is the NPM (National Preparedness Month), we hope you are going to learn something new as one of the ways of making sure your Andover home is safe.
Our SERVPRO technicians perform cleaning procedures in your Andover property with the aim of lowering the fire damage claim costs. Resurfacing and replacement are costly options for any insurance adjuster as it is mandatory to dispose of the damaged contents. As per the theme of the current NPM, “Don’t Wait Communicate.” It means every second counts, and by taking the right actions, you can lessen the damage and restore most of your items to their preloss state.
Before our SERVPRO team can select the most appropriate cleaning procedure to use, we start by doing a site inspection. First, we find the ignition point of the fire, and in the process, we trace how far the smoke particles have traveled in the building. There are chances of finding different smoke particles within the same location, which means we might be forced to use several cleaning methods to clean the area effectively.
While some surfaces can withstand aggressive cleaning methods during the restoration process, some can deteriorate further or experience additional damage. Our SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and competent to choose a cleaning procedure that preserves the surface or material that we are cleaning. Wet and dry cleaning processes are the standard techniques we use when cleaning the affected items or surfaces. At the end of the cleaning process, we have to dispose of the cleaning waste and debris as per the local and state regulations.
At SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County, we offer both commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services. Call us at (763) 712-9712 when you face storm, mold, fire, and water damage, and we can make it “Like it never even happened.” 

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Flood Damage Technicians In Arden Hills Talk About Problems With Lightning

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Technicians In Arden Hills Talk About Problems With Lightning Damages from lightning can strike at any moment. Count on SERVPRO for flood damage restoration

If your home is affected by flood damage, rely on SERVPRO for help

Many elements created during a thunderstorm in Arden Hills can produce problems with your property. High-speed winds and excessive amounts of rain can cause flood damage to your home. Some storms form hail that can ruin roofs and sometimes even break windows. Most thunderstorms create lightning that can get very dangerous if it strikes the ground. If lightning hits your house during a storm, it can cause structural issues that can lead to flood damage happening to the interior of your residence.

When a lightning strike hits your property, it can create holes to exist in your structure. If a hole in the exterior of your house gets formed by lightning during a storm in Arden Hills, flood damage is likely to take place. The rain coming from the storm can pour into your home from the hole created by the lightning strike. Excessive moisture in the interior of your dwelling can ruin both your building materials and contents.

Therefore, lightning can create two different types of problems in your home. First off, the area where the lightning struck may have to be rebuilt entirely. Lightning strikes can cause damage to roof trusses, walls, and drywall. Our SERVPRO technicians might have to remove a certain amount of building materials so that reconstruction can occur.

In most cases, our SERVPRO crew must temporarily seal off your structure where the lightning hit. We can board up holes in the exterior and use heavy-duty plastic to seal off the building so that no more water enters. Once moisture is stopped from further entering your home, we begin mitigating problems associated with wet items.

Moisture sitting inside a building can cause more and more issues the longer it sits there. Our SERVPRO team always works quickly first to extract all of the moisture out as we possibly can. Next, we set up air movers and dehumidifiers to rapidly dry out your structural components so that mold growth cannot occur. After all unwanted moisture is removed from your home, we can then begin the reconstruction phase that will put your home back to preloss conditions.

If your house ever gets hit by lightning, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 immediately after it happens.

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Dealing with Mold Damage in Different Parts of Your Arden Hills Home

8/31/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Dealing with Mold Damage in Different Parts of Your Arden Hills Home Our SERVPRO technicians say no to mold damage and yes to mold remediation.

SERVPRO Knows How to Remediate Mold Damage From Your Arden Hills Home

Mold damage can lead to health effects, and there is a need to promptly act whenever conditions that favor its growth develop in your building. Apart from oxygen and organic materials that contain carbon - which offers nutrients - moisture is a crucial requirement for mold to grow. It means mold can grow almost anywhere as long as moisture is present. If the humidity of your property remains high, there is moisture intrusion from spills or leaks, condensation occurs and remains in place from 24-48 hours, and then you risk experiencing such an outcome in your Arden Hills home.

Let us start by looking at the procedures our SERVPRO technicians use when removing mold damage from your Arden Hills property. We start by determining whether the walls are porous or non-porous. When they are non-porous, we can use a wet cloth and a disinfectant to do the wiping. When we are dealing with porous walls, for instance, unpainted drywall, we may cut off the surface with mold growth. Mold usually grows inside materials, and that is why we cut such areas.

Another common area where we usually find mold is the drywall - because it is rich in cellulose. Since it is a significant challenge to remove mold from contaminated drywall completely, we cut out and dispose of the infected areas. It is also common to find hidden mold within the wall cavities since such areas usually contain moist and humid air. The same can happen behind the wallpapers. When necessary, we use invasive inspection techniques to determine whether mold exists behind walls.

Peeling or cracked paint, bulging and discoloration are some of the signs that indicate there is moisture in a wall. In some situations, our SERVPRO technicians may see some small mold spots on the wall which may show a possibility of a developing more massive mold colony within the wall.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is Faster To Any Size Disaster whether it is in your residential or commercial property. Call us at (763) 712-9712 for stress-free cleaning and restoration services.

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Fire Damage Professionals In Andover Talk About Problems With Acoustic Ceilings

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Professionals In Andover Talk About Problems With Acoustic Ceilings Structure fires are not as uncommon as you think and one day it could occur on your Andover property.

Fire Damage Professionals Talk About Problems With Acoustic Ceilings

Structure fires are not as uncommon as you think and one day it could occur on your Andover property. Even if the blaze was small and got put out quickly, it could have still created several problems inside your home. The heat and flames coming from the fire can torch and ruin building materials and contents. The smoke put off when things burn can make its way throughout your house and create separate issues. In some cases, heat and smoke can both negatively affect an object to the point where it must get removed and replaced. Some burn damage can get sanded off of certain materials, and they can be saved with refinishing. Most types of smoke damage can get cleaned using one or a variety of soot removal tactics and detergents. Before any work begins, our SERVPRO experts come up with an initial estimate for you and your insurance company that details which items are damaged and which ones we think we can save and not replace.

As a fire burns, the heat it creates rises causing burn damage to things located directly above the blaze's source first. In most cases of Andover fire damage restoration, the tops of walls and components attached to the ceiling are the regions where problems begin. Smoke also rises with heat and then when it touches cooler surfaces it leaves behind soot residues. Most of the time, smoke can affect the ceiling and upper parts of the wall before it ruins items located in other places.

During the initial testing and inspection phase, our SERVPRO emergency response group always inspects the ceilings for damage. Acoustic ceilings are not common in homes these days, but they still do exist. Acoustic ceiling tiles are prime targets for smoke residue contamination due to their high location and structural design. If these types of ceilings get burnt, it is usually relatively inexpensive to discard and replace the ceiling tiles.

In some situations, smoke damage can be cleaned off of ceiling tiles. Since the tiles are made out of porous materials, cleaning them with a dry sponge works best. Using wet chemicals on acoustic ceiling tiles can cause the soils to soak deeper into the tiles and cause permanent problems. If your day ever gets ruined by a structure fire, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 any hour of the day or night.

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What You Can Do When You Need Urgent Water Cleanup Services in Your Andover Clothing Boutique

8/7/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What You Can Do When You Need Urgent Water Cleanup Services in Your Andover Clothing Boutique Customers depend on your boutique for their fashion finds. When your store has suffered a water damage event, contact SERVPRO.

Team SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Your Store's Need for Water Removal

The last thing you want when you arrive at your clothing boutique the morning after a storm is to find that your store is in urgent need of water cleanup services. Discovering that the storm worsened a leak in your roof until the ceiling was overcome with water is nightmare-inducing on its own. However, the situation can become even more overwhelming when you realize that one of the ceiling tiles gave out and several gallons of water spilled into one section of your store and all over your merchandise.
When these unfortunate events happen, it is essential for you to call for professional water cleanup services in your Andover clothing boutique. If you call for help quickly, a smooth remediation is more likely to occur. When it comes to standing water, the faster you can get it out of your building, the better. Stagnant water creates the perfect conditions for mold, and microbial growth can happen in as little as seventy-two hours.
Here at SERVPRO, when we receive your call, we aim to arrive and work swiftly because we understand how valuable your time is. Our schedule is flexible, and we work when it is best for you, including first thing in the morning. Calling SERVPRO when you first find your shop damaged may allow you to merely delay the opening of your store into the afternoon instead of just losing an entire day of business instead.
As we arrive at your store, SERVPRO can bring advanced equipment that is designed to get the job done as quickly as possible. We can use wet/dry vacuums and extractors to remove the standing water in your boutique. Extractors can be further used to pull water from any carpets or drapes that you may have inside of your building.
After removing the visible water, our technicians can focus on addressing the moisture levels in your store, while removing the merchandise that was hit with the water. SERVPRO can set up air movers and ventilation box fans to help dry out any soaked furniture. Once we are satisfied with the dryness of your store, we can quickly pack up so you can open your store.
If your business is impacted by sudden water damage, do not delay. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County by dialing (763) 712-9712. Day or night, we're always ready to take your call.

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Water Damage Problems in Columbia Heights?

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Problems in Columbia Heights? From Drying Carpets to Full House Water Damage Restoration in Columbia Heights--Call SERVPRO

No Problem, Call SERVPRO for Fast Water Cleanup and Recovery

Basics on water damage
Water damage is the unwelcome guest that affects many buildings in Columbia Heights, at times unbeknownst by the occupants. Most of the times, owners of a building and those living in it expect water damage to be in the form of flooding, which is not always the case. At times, even minor leaks from a bath waste pipe may lead to gradual water damage which may mostly affect the floor. You may think that your house is safe, but it is okay to have it regularly inspected since the effects of the damage could be more troublesome to deal with as compared to the checkups.
Causes of water damage
Before we check your home for water damage in Columbia Heights, it is more important to know what the potential causes of water damage are so that you can identify any signs early enough. Some of the primary reasons for water damage include:
1. Leakages from bath plumbing
2. Bursting or leaking of flex hoses
3. Leakage from your AC condensation line
4. Dishwasher and washing machines malfunctions

There are also other less frequent causes of water damage which are, among others, leaking toilets, sink overflows, leaking main pipes, and burst fish tanks. If you happen to suspect any case of water damage, you might want to check for any of the principal causes to be sure. However, if you’ve started noticing significant signs such as a warped floor, sagging ceiling, or peeling paint you have to call SERVPRO professionals as soon as you can.
Water damage effects
When unresolved, the effects of water damage can vary, with property destruction being the simplest form. Things like rugs, carpets, furniture, and others might be damaged if the floor has been damp for some time. In more severe cases, mold can surface, which can lead to health effects. In any case, SERVPRO experts advise that whether the damage has been undetected for some time or has just been discovered, calling us would be the best decision so we can rectify the issue early enough. Our team of IICRC professionals can respond immediately to your emergency, in addition to using advanced water damage restoration techniques and equipment.
Seek us
As SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka county, we value our customers and can respond fast. We serve with dedication and purpose aiming to get you and your family back to the life you have been accustomed to quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is dial (763) 712-9712, and from there, we can relieve you of the burden.

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Overflowing Catch Basins Can Lead To Flood Damages In Your Arden Hills Home

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Overflowing Catch Basins Can Lead To Flood Damages In Your Arden Hills Home Flooding is a disaster that no homeowner can prepare for and ward off.

Overflowing Catch Basins Can Lead To Flood Damage

Culvert systems throughout the community serve to move rainwater and overflow throughout underground pathways. The idea is to keep roadways from overflowing with heavy precipitation and in some cases, aid the sewer system to flow better to the treatment facility. Unfortunately, for as good as this system can be for your Arden Hills community, they are very susceptible to failures.

One of the first things that you can see with culvert systems and storm drains is their large grate coverings. With wide holes, a lot of debris and accumulation can build up in the catch basin and ultimately block off the drain. The result of this occurrence is overflows of the culvert basins, allowing for high volumes of water to potentially cause flood damages to your Arden Hills home.

While our SERVPRO team gets well equipped to help you contend with flood damages to your home, these situations are often unpredictable. Even in situations that do not even accumulate enough for flash flooding or water overflow in creek beds and rivers, a clogged catch basin cannot redirect even moderate volumes of water safely away from your home.

If you happen to live at a lower elevation to the basin itself, water takes the path of least resistance to begin rushing through your property. This occurrence immediately exposes and vulnerabilities that your home's exterior might have in its foundation. Small cracks or eroded areas of the mortar between the blocks can be enough for water to pass through and penetrate the lower levels of your house.

Within a brief period, while the storm is still active outside your house, several inches of water can accumulate on the floor of your basement or first level of your home. Our SERVPRO team can help you to remove this water and correct the damages that it has caused.

Flooding is a disaster that no homeowner can prepare for and ward off. While you can appreciate the importance of culvert systems and catch basins throughout your community, when these pathways fail, it can spell a great deal of trouble for your home. If you experience this kind of event in your residence, give our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County team of restoration specialists a call. SERVPRO is available anytime that you need us at (763) 712-9712.

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