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Mold Damage Can Be Messy in Anoka

Mold colonies can destroy sheetrock and carpeting in a short time if left unattended and ignored in an Anoka building. Moisture, the missing ingredient to activ... READ MORE

Anoka Water Damage

The water that soaked this carpet in an Anoka family room was at least clean, uncontaminated water with no threat of an immediate health hazard. Families with s... READ MORE

Commercial Water Cleanup in Anoka

Flooding from a broken water main can cause quite a bit of a problem in Anoka commercial buildings. Sensitive equipment and electronics can be moved to unaffect... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids Office Building

Storm damage to this Coon Rapids office building resulted when the roof was damaged during a very severe thunderstorm. Portions of the roofing was torn away by ... READ MORE

Andover Moldy Basement

The basement in this Andover property has mold patches growing on the interior block walls. Moisture in sublevels is often high because of water seepage from th... READ MORE

Sewage Backup Problem in Coon Rapids

Though the water appears clean pooling on the tile flooring, it is considered Black Water since it backed up from a sewage line in this Coon Rapids office build... READ MORE

Water Damage – Coon Rapids Condominium

Water damage occurred at this Coon Rapids condominium when a water supply line in the kitchen burst while the residents were away. They returned home to find a ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration in Oak Park

The Before Photo of this silver pitcher, for generations a part of this Oak Park family, suffered fire and smoke damage. The luster was gone from the soot-like ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleanup After a Storm in Coon Rapids

The wind storm tore open a large section of the metal roof in this Coon Rapids warehouse. SERVPRO was called in to cover the exposed roof until the repair could... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids Home

Storm damage struck this Coon Rapids home when a strong band of thunderstorms carrying very high wind forced water under the front door into the interior of the... READ MORE